Dana Kalnins broke her own league record in the 8-and-under girls 25 backstroke for the second straight week and won all of her individual events to lead Stonewall past host Old Bridge, 2,581-2,531, on Saturday. It was the last week of the regular season for the Prince William Swim League.

Stonewall's David Gartin and Shannon Carter also helped lead the way with record finishes in the 9-10 boys 50 breast (44.87) and 15-18 girls 50 breast (40.89), respectively.

Setting records for the Explosion's relay teams were: 9-10 boys, Kevin Norris, David Gartin, Aaron Bailey and Vinson Wang, (1:15.52); 9-10 girls 100 medley, Steph Melnyk, Brooke Gartin, Sara Ameen, Stephanie Combs, (1:21.78); and the 8-and-under 100 free, English, Yanza, Wang, Dana Kalnins, (1:09.35).

Winning three events for Stonewall were: Sarah Ameen, 9-10 girls 50 free,back, 25 fly; Andrew Bailey, 11-12 boys 50 free, fly, 100 IM; Michael Norris, 8-and-under 225 back, breast, fly; and Robert Norris, 9-10 boys 50 free, 100 IM, 25 fly.

Despite the loss, Old Bridge saw eight team records fall. They were: Daniel Zurowski, 15-18 boys 50 free (25.07); Michael Graveen, 9-10 boys 50 back (48.76); Sarah Taylor, 11-12 girls 50 back (37.92); Sarah Schwoppe, 11-12 girls 50 breast (43.15); Matt Beaugh, 13-14 boys 50 breast (35.92); 9-10 girls 100 medley (Molly Schwoppe, Sarah Ball, Meghan Verducci and Stephanie Hamilton, 1:23.75), 11-12 girls 100 medley (Sarah Taylor, Sarah Schwoppe, Jillian Streifert and Kaitlin Keefer, 1:12.04), 9-10 boys 100 free (Sean Parker, Michael Graveen, Michael Mann and Nicholas Baker, 1:13.67); and 8-and-under 100 free (Taylor Baker, Lauren Foley, Kathleen Fleming and Kylie Ress, 1:23.18).

Triple winners for Old Bridge were: Bethany Lindberg, 15-18 girls 50 free,back, 100 IM; Brett MacLennan, 13-14 boys, 50 free, back, 100 IM; Sarah Schwoppe, 11-12 girls 50 free, breast, 100 IM; Kara Verducci, 13-14 girls 50 free, back, 100 IM; Daniel Zurowski, 15-18 boys 50 free, fly, 100 IM.

Ridgewood 3,246, Veterans Park 1,555: Ridgewood swimmers swept the relay events as the Barracudas wrapped up their second consecutive undefeated dual-meet season swimming past the visiting Veterans Park Marlins.

Taking first in three events for Ridgewood were: Katie Doggett, 15-18 girls 100 IM, 50 back and fly; Nick Kiser, 9-10 boys 25 free, breast and fly; Christian Lindberg, 15-18 boys 50 free, back and breast; and Sarah Lindberg, 11-12 girls 50 free, back and fly.

Top Barracuda scorers with two wins included: Chris Coxe, 13-14 boys, 50 back and breast; Matthew Drupa, 11-12 boys 50 breast and fly; Ryan Gibbons, 13-14 boys 50 free and fly; Michael Kenney, 9-10 boys 100 IM and 25 fly; Ashley Prescott, 9-10 girls 100 IM and 25 fly; Scott Russell, 9-10 boys 50 free and back; Robert Seraiva, 11-12 boys 100 IM and 50 back; Emily Strouse, 15-18 girls 50 free and breast; and Melanie Van Horn, 13-14 girls 100 IM and 50 back.

Top-place finishers for Veterans Park were: boys (8-and-under) John Labas,(9-10) Matthew Kersee, Jonathan Saejung, (11-12) Michael McClain, (13-14)Mason Welch, (15-18) Drew Eland, Brandon Eland, Michael Hodge, Jay Welch,girls (8-and-under) Danielle Clark, Linda Erickson, Melanie Erickson,(11-12) Therese Duvon, (15-18) Cassie Sayler, Monique Truax.

Urbanna 2,576, FAST 2,067: The Fauquier Area Swim Team's relays had a record day but the Hurricanes came up short against host Urbanna, which saw three records fall.

Urbanna's Jenna Dagenhart lead the way for the Otter record breakers, setting a new 8-and-under girls record in the 25 back (23.53).

Lizzy Chapman, Kimberly Thoresen, Sara Reed and Stephanie Mills swam a new Urbanna 9-10 girls 100 medley record (1:19.32) and Joshua Reed, Casey Rafter, Drew Chartrand and Evan Chartrand added a new Urbanna 11-12 boys 100 medley record (1:05.81).

Winning three events for the Otters were: Nick Reed, 8-and-under 25 free,breast and fly; Sara Reed, 9-10 girls 50 free, 100 IM and 25 fly; Jason Woolard,15-18 boys, 50 free, 100 IM and 25 fly; and Drew Chartrand, 11-12 boys 100 IM, 50 breast and 50 fly.

Nicholas Kinney set a FAST record in the 13-14 boys 50 breast, with a winning time of 35.18, and was first in the 50 free, 100 IM.

FAST's girls relay teams destroyed four team records. Elizabeth Bohon, Lindsey Sawyer, Marnie Rognlien and Kaleigh Maher set the 13-14 girls 200 medley (2:33.22) and the 200 free (2:15.36) records, and Alexandra Vuxton, Kathleen Wheatley, Michelle, Sawyer and Rachel Fichtorn broke the 11-12 girls 100 medley (1:11.34), and the 100 free(1:02.95). Blake Pfaff, Lee Tully, William Norman and Nicholas Kinney set a record for FAST in the 13-14 boys 200 medley (2:18.65).

FAST triple winners were: Michelle Sawyer, 11-12 girls 50 free, back, fly and Keith Wheatley, 9-10 boys 50 free, back, 25 fly.

Sudley 3,240, Wellington 1,941: Sudley broke a seven-year-old league record to lead the Seahorses by host Wellington, despite the Dolphins setting seven team records--the most ever in the team's history.

Sudley's B.J. Fisher Chase Wittenauer, Patrick Groundwater and Jonathan Poli set the new 8-and-under boys 100 medley relay mark in 1:14.57.

Posting three wins for Sudley were: Laura Belch, 11-12 girls 50 free, back and fly; Aaron Kendle, 13-14 boys, 100 IM, 50 breast and 50 fly; Bobby Lytle, 11-12 boys 50 free, 100 IM and 50 breast; Elizabeth McCue, 9-10 girls, 50 free, 100 IM and 25 fly; and Megan Morch, 8-and-under girls 25 free, back and fly.

Sudley double winners were: Patrick Groundwater, 8-and-under 25 back and fly; Erik Thamm, 50 free, and back; Jonathan Poli, 8-and-under 25 free and breast; and Tara Koff, 15-18 girls 100 IM and 50 breast.

Wellington's Erin Burlovich broke two Dolphin records, swimming new team times in the 15-18 girls 50 free (29.20) and 50 fly (32.38).

Other Wellington records included: Melissa Burlovich, 13-14 girls 50 back (33.00); and Jake Lewis, 9-10 boys (35.33).

Wellington relay records included: John Coulter, Andrew Trizna, Alex Foskett and Lewis, 9-10 boys 100 medley (1:19.90) and 100 free (1:08.85); and Melissa Burlovich, Therese Compston, Catherine Snyder and Erin Hammersley, 13-14 girls 200 medley (2:18.27).

Ben Lomond 3,278, Meadowbrook Woods 998: Ben Lomond's David Horak and Sean Cutsforth won three individual events for the sixth time this season completing a perfect undefeated season to lead the Flying Ducks past the visiting Meadowbrook Woods Makos.

David Horak broke the league 15-18 boys 50 back record in 26.97 and finished first in the 50 fly and free.

Cutsforth led the Flying Ducks triple winners, taking first in the 9-10 boys 50 back, 100 IM and 25 fly. Others triple winners were: Kristin Behrle, 9-10 girls 50 free, 100 IM and 50 back; Allison Behrle, 13-14 girls 100 IM, 50 back and fly; Neil Lunsford, 13-14 boys 100 IM, 50 back and breast; and Tiffany Seal, 100 IM, 50 back and fly.

Ben Lomond double winners were: Rachel Fuschillo, 50 back and fly; and Nick Persian,9-10 boys 50 free and breast.

Meadowbrook Woods first-place finishers: Brandon Zarny, 13-14 boys 50 free and fly; Kelly Goggins, 13-14 girls 50 free and breast; and Eric Sargent, 8-and-under 25 fly and free.

Westridge 2,981, Montclair 2,169: Michael Cartwright, Andrew MacGregor and Ashley Razo combined for three new Westridge records as the Waves rolled over the visiting Montclair Seahawks.

Waves new records included: Michael Cartwright, 13-14 boys 50 free (27.74); AndrewMacGregor, 10-and-under boys 100 IM (1:22.31); and Ashley Razo, 15-18 girls 100 IM (1:13.40).

Westridge relay records included: 13-14 boys 200 medley (Michael Cartwright, Paul Koshetar, Kyle Estep and Andrew Hicks, 2:15.66); and 13-14 girls 200 free (Shannon Hall, Erin Connolly, Emily Robinson and Lauren Petty, 2:02.16).

Jessie Way set a Montclair record in the 13-14 boys 50 back, swimming a time of 31.49.

Lake Ridge 2,972, Dale City 2,169: Lake Ridge 8-and-under swimmers broke a team record to help the Lancers close out the regular season on a winning note over the Dale City Frogs.

Lake Ridge relay record was set by the 8-and-under mixed medley team (Kasey Bushmire, Alyssa Haudenschild, Taylor Schomp and Joey Renton) with a time of 1:29.30.

Lancers taking first in three events were: Thomas Hale-Kupiec, 9-10 boys 50free, 100 IM and 50 breast; Kristen Haudenschild, 9-10 girls 100 IM, 50 breast and 25 fly; and Kristen Schomp, 11-12 girls 50 free, 100 IM and 50 fly.

Triple winners for Dale City were: Becky Hayden, 15-18 girls 100 IM, 50 back and breast; Kaitlyn Hoehn, 13-14 100 IM, 50 back and fly; Joey Kapurch, 11-12 boys 50 free, 100 IM and 50 back; and Troy Sattgast, 13-14 boys 50 free, 100 IM and 50 fly.