Participate in Library Issue

I have followed with extreme interest for many months the issue of a proposed new library in Lexington Park. I, among others, have written several letters to the media and the St. Mary's County commissioners stating my position but also to urge a timely decision to enable the dedicated library staff to establish their goals for expanded quarters and to get on with the business of serving the ever-increasing population in the Lexington Park area.

On two separate occasions, the library task force surveyed the citizens of the county and the overwhelming majority of respondents voted for the Nicolet Park site over the Gabrelcik property or the Great Mills site. The library staff and the library board have strongly supported these decisions. The pros and cons of each site have been hashed out in newspapers and at various public forums. I won't assert my opinions at this time, but I simply want to urge you to come out on Tuesday to lend your support for a new library and to have one last chance to tell your county commissioners what you want.

The meeting will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., the latter part consisting of a public forum. We need and deserve a final decision on this crucial issue.



Happily Surprised by CCCC

First, I write to express my gratitude to the faculty at Charles County Community College for granting the Faculty Scholarship to my daughter, Jody Kundreskas. That was a very nice thing to do, and my wife and I (as well as our daughter) were honored to be part of the recent awards ceremony.

Secondly, I want to tell you of our general experience during my daughter's first year at CCCC. It has been nothing short of wonderful.

Jody attended there for she had graduated early from high school and we all felt she needed to be close to home. She wants to pursue a career as a physician specializing in research. Yet, at only 16, we all frankly "settled" on CCCC as the best social option available, not for any true educational benefits.

We were all surprised.

My wife and I are educators, nearly 60 years combined experience, my oldest daughter has just graduated from USNA--we know "good teaching" when we see it.

Jody has had some very fine instructors under your care and has matured and learned much. We feel the academic advantages at CCCC are such that, now older, it is totally unnecessary to send her away to school for a "better education." She's doing just fine right where she is.


Charlotte Hall


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