Supervisor Steven D. Whitener (R-Sugarland Run) is just about the last person who might be expected to have an interest in wonkish e-mails from the Loudoun Democratic Committee.

Yet Whitener, the most conservative member of the Board of Supervisors, has signed up to receive the committee's thrice-weekly messages.

In response, the Democrats sent out a mocking e-mail saying that the Republican supervisor may have had a change of heart about his conservative proclivities. "I welcome Steve Whitener to our e-mail list and hope he can benefit from our moderate, common-sense views on public policy," Democratic Committee Chairman David Whitmer said in the e-mail.

In addition, Whitmer said he sent a "friendly" e-mail to Whitener asking whether he had changed parties.

That's not exactly what Whitener had in mind.

"I'm on all sorts of kooky e-mail lists, so getting the Democratic kooky e-mail is great," Whitener said. "You have to learn what the fringe groups are doing."

Whitener described the e-mail from the Democrats as "the standard Marxist claptrap." Whitmer describes it as information on Democratic policies, press releases from local candidates and news items of interest to Democrats.

Leesburg Panel Delays Vote on Cable TV Sale

The Leesburg Cable TV Advisory Commission delayed making a recommendation this week on whether the Town Council should authorize the sale of the town's cable television franchise from Benchmark Acquisition Fund to Adelphia Communications.

Commissioners asked that Adelphia lower cable rates or agree to a five-year plan guaranteeing that rates would not increase more than a specified amount, extend service to those town-owned buildings that do not have cable--including the Thomas Balch Library and the water and sewer treatment plant--and permanently mount cameras and an upgraded sound system in the Town Council chambers.

Susan Farmer, the town's spokeswoman, said the commission expects a response from the companies next week. The commission likely will have to call a special meeting to meet the Sept. 21 deadline for the Town Council's decision on the sale.

Activist's Free-Speech Lawsuit Dismissed

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a Loudoun County citizen activist against the chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

The lawsuit by Nicholas C. Donnangelo alleged that board Chairman Dale Polen Myers (R-At Large) violated Donnangelo's free speech rights when she told him that he could no longer personally attack board members during public hearings.

Donnangelo's case stemmed from statements Myers made during the public comment period of a March 4 board meeting, at which Donnangelo said supervisors should resign from office for raising taxes and increasing county debt.