Loudoun County officials said water-use restrictions in eastern Loudoun have reduced demand--but they are keeping a close eye on Goose Creek and area reservoirs.

The 30,000 households and businesses served by the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority used an average of 12.7 million gallons a day last week, compared with an average daily use of about 16.3 million gallons before the restrictions took effect Aug. 1. On Monday, water use dropped to about 11.5 million gallons.

Goose Creek is a water source for parts of Loudoun and Fairfax City, which treats the creek water and sells it to Loudoun.

Sheriff's deputies have issued 26 warnings to customers for violating the restrictions, officials said. Those who live in even-numbered houses may use a hose to water lawns on even-numbered days, in odd-numbered houses on odd-numbered days. Other watering, as well as the washing of cars and pavement, must be done with containers no larger than three gallons. A second violation can result in a fine of as much as $500.

Leesburg reports a 20 percent drop in water use since asking for voluntary restrictions. Restrictions are voluntary in Round Hill, mandatory for Middleburg's 420 customers. There are no restrictions in Purcellville or Hamilton.