The vice mayor of Brentwood resigned yesterday, citing personal reasons, after more than 100 cats were removed from her home, officials said.

Cheryl Noll submitted her resignation from the Town Council, effectively giving up the vice mayoral post as well, said George D. Denny Jr., the mayor of the Prince George's County municipality.

County animal control workers had gone to her house with a search warrant more than 10 days ago and removed the cats, according to George Whiting, the county's animal control director.

He said Noll was cited for a civil violation of the county code after failing to provide proof of licensing and rabies inoculations. She was also cited for failing to have a current permit to keep five or more cats in a house and for failing to maintain proper conditions for the animals, Whiting said.

Whiting said animal control workers had received a tip about the cats.

They were denied entry to the house at first, he said, but they could see the cats through the window and could tell that there were many "from the odor."

Many had to be destroyed because of their condition, but some remain at the county's animal shelter, Whiting said.

Noll, a telemarketer in her early forties who has been on the council since 1991, was named to the largely ceremonial vice mayoral post after this year's election.

She could not be reached for comment last night.

Mayor Denny described the matter as "just a very unfortunate situation." He said Noll is a "very nice kind-hearted individual who got in over her head in her desire to take care of . . . cats."

Denny said Noll brought her written resignation to the town offices yesterday and turned in her keys. He said she said in the note that she was stepping down "effective immediately for personal reasons."

A report of Noll's resignation was first broadcast on WTTG (Channel 5).

CAPTION: Cheryl Noll resigned yesterday from the Brentwood Town Council.