Prince William County police said yesterday that they have uncovered a significant regional drug-sales operation, seizing crack cocaine and dozens of guns from a house in the rural Haymarket area.

After months of investigation, police raided the house on Ridge Road last week and found the guns and about two ounces of crack cocaine, an amount that police said probably would have been sold to about 20 clients. Detectives said residents of a basement apartment in the home were selling about that much cocaine every two or three days to purchasers in Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun and Stafford counties.

"This was a significant operation at a street level," Maj. Ron Sullins said. "They were not high in the pecking order, but these were the people who were putting it into customers' hands. This organization seemed to have a pretty good source of supply, and they seemed to have been going pretty strong."

Police arrested two suspects: Christopher Perry, 22, who was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and with manufacturing cocaine, and Eugene Warren Allue II, 26, who was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of opiates. Both men, who are from the rural northwestern corner of Prince William County at the base of Bull Run Mountain, have posted bail and have been released. Telephone calls to the house went unanswered yesterday, and court records didn't show whether they had retained attorneys.

Sullins said the two men were low-level members of a larger drug organization that detectives will continue to investigate. He said that the amount of cocaine seized was "modest" but that the volume of sales police accuse the men of making was significant.

Sgt. Jay Lanham said officers broke into 12 safes in the house, where they discovered weapons, ammunition, drugs and money. According to court records, police arranged to buy crack from the suspects and believe they have been selling drugs out of their home for at least four months.

Among the seized weapons, which police displayed yesterday, were semiautomatic handguns, shotguns and an AR-15 semiautomatic assault-style rifle. Lanham said several of the guns were ready for use when found, including a .45-caliber handgun discovered on a bed under a pillow.

CAPTION: Maj. Ron Sullins, commander of the Prince William County police criminal investigation division, said of the charges, "This was a significant operation at a street level."