Drugstore Picketed Over Firing

A small group has been picketing the Rite Aid drugstore in Leesburg since Sunday over the firing Friday of manager Rebecca Littlefield, a 19-year employee.

Littlefield said she was told that she was fired because she had changed a job applicant's answers on a background survey in January. Littlefield said she did it because the survey--about drug use, theft and other details--is difficult to pass and because good applicants were hard to find. She said that she admitted to her boss what she had done and that she never heard about it again--until Friday.

Littlefield and her husband, Randy, say they believe the real reason involves $60,000 in missing merchandise for which she is being unfairly blamed.

Rite Aid spokeswoman Jody Cook said the company does not comment on employee matters.

"I don't have enough money to fight them in court," Randy Littlefield said as he walked back and forth in front of the store Tuesday. "So I'll fight them here."

Rebecca Littlefield said that five Rite Aid employees have quit in support of her claim and that other stores, including CVS and Wal-Mart, have offered all of them jobs.

Atlantic Coast to Add 20 Aircraft

Atlantic Coast Airlines Inc., of Dulles, announced this week that it will acquire 20 additional Canadair Regional Jet aircraft from Bombardier Aerospace, of Montreal.

The first of the jets will be delivered in September 2000, with the rest scheduled to arrive before the end of 2002.

Atlantic Coast announced that it has formed a subsidiary corporation that will operate the 20 new jets. The company now operates 20 Canadair Regional Jet aircraft and has 23 on firm order. It also has options to purchase 27 more.

Legal Services Names Director

Charles K. Greenfield has been named executive director of Legal Services of Northern Virginia, the agency's board announced this week.

Legal Services works for clients who, without legal assistance, may not have access to food, shelter, income or medical care, or who might be in danger and cannot afford to hire a lawyer. The service is offered to eligible residents in several counties, including Loudoun.

Greenfield has spent 24 years working for similar programs in California and Micronesia. Most recently he was director of litigation for the Micronesian Legal Services Corp. in the Federated States of Micronesia, a group of islands about 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii. Greenfield lives in Vienna with his wife, Nina Eejima, and three children.

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