District police yesterday were looking for two suspects in the fatal shooting Saturday night of a Prince George's County resident who had just been the best man at a wedding and dropped off the bride and groom shortly before he was killed.

DeWayne Shorter, 31, was shot about nine times in the head, chest, back and both legs when the white Mitsubishi Galant he was driving in the 1100 block of Mississippi Avenue SE was sprayed with gunfire, police said. The rear passenger windows were shattered. The doors and seats were marked with bullet holes, and a rear tire was flat when police arrived. In all, officers found about 30 shell casings from large-caliber weapons.

"Someone really wanted to kill this man," said D.C. police Cmdr. Winston Robinson. "Just by luck, none of the innocent children and adults in the vicinity were injured or killed."

A police source said that Shorter had dropped off the bride and groom on the same block, minutes before.

Shorter, of the 5500 block of Marlboro Pike in District Heights, died shortly afterward at D.C. General Hospital. His girlfriend was shot in the ankle, possibly by a bullet that also hit Shorter. She was treated at a hospital and released. Police would not release the name of the 30-year-old woman because she is a witness.

Police officials said they are still trying to determine a motive for the attack.

Shorter was the best man in the wedding in the afternoon. He was returning from the wedding and reception at a popular nightclub, The Classics, on Allentown Road in Camp Springs, when the shooting occurred. No one from the club could be reached yesterday. The Classics recently has been known for hosting the World Barber Championships and holding a weekly hand-dancing night.

Police said Shorter had just dropped off the bride and the groom when a light-green Chevrolet GMC Yukon sport utility vehicle pulled up alongside, police said.

The driver, who one witness said was wearing a white T-shirt and blue shorts, jumped out and began shooting into Shorter's car. After firing repeatedly, he got back into the car and fled. Police say they believe there was another gunman.

At one point, Shorter managed to get out of the car, but he collapsed on the sidewalk. An off-duty police officer about two blocks away heard the shots and ran toward Mississippi Avenue in time to see the Yukon traveling west toward Wheeler Road SE.

One neighbor, who said he heard 10 or 12 shots, said shootings are common in the area. "You have an average of two or three a month, or sometimes more, in the general area of Mississippi and Wheeler Road," said the neighbor, who asked not to be identified.

Robinson said it was the first homicide in 30 days in the 7th Police District, an area of Southeast Washington that in the past has ranked among the highest in number of homicides in the city; it recently has seen a decline in killings.

"We're going to make an all-out effort to close this case immediately," he said.

Staff writers Phuong Ly and Allan Lengel contributed to this report.