Supporting National Harbor

As an organization created to represent, support and promote small businesses in Prince George's County, the Prince George's County Board of Trade supports the National Harbor project. In our opinion, it will strengthen our tax base, increase economic opportunities for local businesses and citizens while enhancing retail and entertainment possibilities. National Harbor will provide the necessary vehicle to make Prince George's County a competitive jurisdiction in the Washington metropolitan area.

Over the past year, National Harbor has been reviewed by the public and all levels of government and has overall received favorable consideration. We understand the concerns regarding transportation and the environment, but we feel these issues will be resolved amicably by all parties. Our hope is that our legislative representatives will continue to show enthusiasm for this project. We feel that it is extremely important that all of our elected officials are united in recognizing and supporting the voice of the business community of Prince George's County.

Douglas J.J. Peters


Prince George's County Board of

Trade Inc.


Hoyer, Wynn Praised

We are writing in support of the amendment proposed by Maryland's U.S. Reps. Albert R. Wynn and Steny H. Hoyer, regarding removal of the National Capital Planning Commission from review of the National Harbor project in Prince George's County. The proposed National Harbor development is critical to the economic well-being of Prince George's County as well as the State of Maryland. National Harbor is supported by Gov. Parris N. Glendening, Prince George's County Executive Wayne K. Curry, the Prince George's County Council and a host of state legislators representing Prince George's County.

Citizens throughout the United States are afforded the opportunity to choose, plan, develop and enjoy the quality of life that best meets their needs. Why should Maryland be any different? Recently, area newspapers reported that Virginia is planning more development in Alexandria, along the shoreline of the Potomac River. Yet, we are not aware of any environmental concerns that have been raised, nor federal oversight imposed, with regard to Virginia's planned development.

From the South County Coalition:

Zeno W. St. Cyr II

Fort Washington

Joseph C. Henson

President, South Potomac Citizens


Fort Washington

Nan Hawkins

President, Potomac Vista Community Council

Oxon Hill

Edward T. Morgan

President, River Bend Estates

Homeowners Association

Fort Washington

Brenton C. Miller

President, Brooke Manor Civic


Fort Washington

Benefits of National Harbor

This letter is my way of showing support for Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D), who has been accused of "carrying dirty water" for Milton V. Peterson, who seeks to build National Harbor in Prince George's County. I am disturbed that Vladimir Parma, who resides in Prince George's County, has failed to see the big picture surrounding the proposed development. The impending benefits to be derived by Prince George's County far outweigh the negative aspects associated with its development.

Congressman Hoyer has studied this development and realizes its worth not only to Prince George's County but the entire Washington metropolitan area. This is a win-win situation for the region, even though Prince Georgians will be the biggest winner.

I implore all citizens of Prince George's County who are supportive of National Harbor to take time and write Congressman Hoyer thanking him for his stance on the development. On the other hand, we should let our Senate delegation know that we are in need of their support for the project. National Harbor is great for the county and the metropolitan region. My hat's off to Congressman Hoyer.

Rex Little


Complaint to Hoyer

Dear Steny: Say it isn't so. Over 20 years ago, I had to spend my own money to stop your efforts at . . . building the first high-rise apartments on the west shore of the Chesapeake Bay on what was once a resort area. The four buildings would have overwhelmed the little town of Chesapeake Beach and pushed its sewage treatment plant and roads beyond capacity, to say nothing of eliminating a historic recreational amenity with potential for revitalization and parkland.

Now I see you are co-sponsoring legislation to circumvent the environmental review process for National Harbor, which threatens to place a huge resort, recreation, commercial facility in the midst of a quiet residential-historic area on the shore of the Potomac River. Again, local roads would be overwhelmed. A $500 million subsidy to Milton V. Peterson would be needed for a wider Wilson Bridge. We get Coney Island, noise, traffic, low-skill jobs, while the Virginia shoreline has beautiful waterside parkland open to all with high-value homes and businesses nearby. At a recent Commission 2000 seminar, a leading land planner stressed the need for quality public open space as a stimulus for creating attractive core areas.

Passing laws to circumvent the environmental review process sounds just like something I would expect a Republican to do. It sets (or perpetuates!) a very dangerous precedent. We barely kept a Democrat in the State House in large part because of environmental concepts. We stand threatened to lose the White House next year. The environment may again be a defining factor. This is no time for Democrats to undermine environmental law. Please withdraw this bill.

Carmen Anderson


'Prince George's Proud'

After an inordinate number of hearings and countless hours of testimony, we've determined that the positives surrounding National Harbor far outweigh the negatives, therefore, it's a perfect "fit." . . .

We applaud and commend our congressmen for having the resolve to follow the lead of its citizens in providing support for the project. We call it "Prince George's Proud."

. . . Someone please help me understand why certain citizen and environmental groups in Alexandria are so intent upon opposing the full construction of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and blocking the construction of the National Harbor Project.

At the same time, the City of Alexandria and the State of Virginia are seeking billions of dollars in federal highway funds for improvements in their section of Interstate 95 (roadway and interchanges), development and improvements along the Route 1 corridor of Alexandria, and the proposed improvements of Alexandria's waterfront.

We love Prince George's County and want you to know that our needs are no different from the citizens of Alexandria. Please let Prince Georgians decide what's best for Prince George's County, and we will be ever so careful not to interfere in the decisions of Alexandrians.

Julia and Eugene Clark

Clark & Associates

Fort Washington

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