Barnard: Shirley Hopkinson, former principal at Hearst Elementary.

Brent: *Connie Cowley, former assistant principal at Wheatley Elementary.

Eaton: Willie McElroy, former assistant principal at Hart Middle.

Gibbs: Linda Satterthwaite, former change facilitator at Browne Junior High.

Hearst: Betty Shamwell, former assistant principal at Bruce Monroe Elementary.

Hyde: Anne Jenkins, former assistant principal at Hyde Elementary.

Janney: Richard Patterson, former assistant principal for Woodley Hills Elementary.

Murch: Marjorie Cuthbert, former project director for the Academy for Education Development.

Park View: Charles Harden Jr., former assistant principal at McFarland Middle.

Plummer: Karyn Barra, former acting principal at Plummer Elementary.

Simon: *Daisy Smith (former position not available).

Slowe: Patricia Harris, former assistant principal at Miner Elementary.

Thomas: Willie Scrudder, former Title I coordinator at Thomas Elementary.

Walker-Jones: Andre Roach, former assistant principal at Eliot Junior High.

Webb: Amy Jones, former assistant principal at P.R. Harris Educational Center.

Wilkinson: Winthrop Cameron, former assistant principal at Mount Lake High.


Evans: Diane Brown, former assistant principal at Jefferson Junior High.

Francis: Pending review.

Shaw: Yvonne Lewis, former principal at Stuart-Hobson Middle.

Stuart-Hobson: Rita Johnson, former museum magnet coordinator at Brent Elementary.

Terrell: Bevadine Terrell, former acting principal at Terrell Middle.


Banneker: Patricia Long Tucker, former director of international student programs for District schools.

Eastern: Courtney Fletcher, former principal at Francis Junior High.

School Without Walls: Dana Bedden, former sub-principal at Mount Vernon High.

Woodson: Edwin Jones, former principal at Evans Middle.


Fletcher-Johnson Education Center: Freddie Vaughns, former director of clinical services at Kennedy Institute.

Prospect Learning Center (Special Education): Eve Peterson, former assistant principal at Prospect.

Taft (Special Education): Roberta Epps, former principal at Fletcher-Johnson.

*Acting principal.