It's hard to miss when Chopticon lineman Chip Williams makes a big play.

Besides the fact that you'll usually see the opponent laid out at the 6-foot-1, 230-pound senior's feet, one surely will bear witness to some sort of celebration -- accompanied by a low, unmistakable growl.

"He's more emotional than most of the kids," Chopticon Coach Andy Palko said. "He's not the quiet leader type."

In a scrimmage against Howard last week, twice Williams broke through the line of scrimmage just as the quarterback was handing the ball off to a running back. Not sure which one to tackle, Williams took them both out.

What followed was a little hard to describe, Palko said.

"It's a real obvious sound and everyone knows it's him," Palko said. "It's not quite a growl, but it's close to a howl."

To Williams, it's just natural.

"The first time it felt good," Williams said of the plays. "The second time it happened, that really built up the emotion. I just blew up."

Williams, who also lines up on offense, said his reactions aren't planned and he usually rushes over to revel with his teammates.

Growing up emulating former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor, Williams said he now tries his best to play with the same emotional style.

"All the game is is emotions," said Williams, who put on 35 pounds in the offseason. "I play as hard as I can. When I make a big play, it feels good. I want to let it out. ... I just let everyone know I'm there and yell real loud."


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