A big smile accompanies Calvert wide receiver Marshall Cooper with just abouteverything he does in life. Whether it be in the locker room joking with teammates or walking through the school's halls, one thing is for certain, Calvert Coach Jerry Franks said: The soft-spoken, happy senior will be smiling.

Until he steps onto the football field, that is.

"He becomes much more serious on the field," Franks said. "When the game whistle blows, he becomes more serious. In practice he still has the smile on his face until the drills start. Then the smile disappears."

And the nice guy who will do anything to make someone feel more comfortable suddenly will do anything to make him feel ill at ease.

"I try my best to embarrass my opponent," said Cooper, who did just that by catching three passes for 31 yards and a touchdown in a 26-0 shutout of La Plata during Week 10 last season. "I try to make his job a lot harder."

Besides his love for the big play in football, there is nothing Cooper enjoys more than singing for a go-go band with his two older brothers.

Over the summer, Cooper and siblings Patrick and Reggie performed before crowds at such local venues as the county fairgrounds, a pool hall and the firehouse near his home.

For a quiet kid, Cooper sure thrives in the spotlight.

"To tell you the truth, to me it's all the same," Cooper said of performing on stage and on the football field. "You've just got a job to do and you've got to go do it."


"Varsity Blues"

"I really liked the way it turned out. It ended on a plus."