8 Suspected Gang Members Arrested

Police have arrested eight suspected members of the 12th & Hamlin Street Crew, a crack cocaine gang in Northeast.

Police said the eight were underlings who assumed leadership positions after five gang leaders were indicted last year.

Police rounded up the suspects Wednesday and executed search warrants at six homes in the Brookland neighborhood, near Catholic University.

Police seized a small amount of marijuana, four handguns and five rifles and shotguns, Sgt. Dale Sutherland said. They also seized a 1986 Pontiac station wagon and a 1988 Lincoln Continental.

The arrests capped a 10-month investigation in which undercover police bought 60 grams of crack from an open-air drug market, Sutherland said. He said the gang was responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in crack sales.


$12,000 Offered for 'Reston Rapist' Tips

Fairfax County authorities announced a $12,000 reward yesterday for information leading to the arrest and charging of the "Reston rapist," a man suspected of sexually assaulting six Reston women in the last year.

Supervisor Robert B. Dix Jr. (R-Hunter Mill) said at a news conference that local businesses had contributed a total of $10,000 to a reward fund, and Fairfax police said its Crime Solvers program was offering an additional $2,000. "This community is angry," Dix said. "The people in this room are angry. The fact that there is a predator pursuing violent acts in this community is unacceptable."

Police Capt. Audrey Slyman said investigators think the suspect tracked each victim before breaking into their homes armed with a gun and wearing a ski mask. The most recent assault occurred Tuesday night in the 1500 block of Cameron Crescent Drive.


Man Charged in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Maryland State Police filed four traffic charges yesterday against the driver whose truck caused a fatal Baltimore Beltway bridge collapse June 7. The charges carry a total penalty of $880 in fines.

Paul C. McIntosh, 23, of Ontario, Canada, received two citations for improperly loading a backhoe onto his truck. The backhoe exceeded height and width limits, causing it to hit a pedestrian bridge in Arbutus. The bridge fell on three cars, killing one person and seriously injuring three others.

McIntosh also was cited for driving a "damage-causing" vehicle and one for driving with damaged lights and shock absorbers.

Baltimore County prosecutors decided last month not to seek criminal negligence charges against McIntosh.