A Bowie teenager was found guilty yesterday by a Prince George's County Circuit Court judge of second-degree assault and photographing a minor engaged in sexual conduct in a January incident at the teenage victim's home.

Brett Michael Williams, 18, of the 11800 block of Frost Drive in Bowie, could be sentenced to 10 years in prison on each count. Circuit Court Judge William B. Spellbring Jr. allowed Williams to remain free on bond and scheduled a sentencing hearing for Oct. 15.

Spellbring acquitted Williams of three charges, a third-degree sex offense, possession of a photograph showing a minor engaged in sexual conduct and theft.

Williams was charged in a Jan. 18 incident in which the victim, who was 15 at the time, told police that she was raped, fondled and photographed by three male teenage friends and acquaintances. The girl said the youths took advantage of her while she was extremely intoxicated after drinking most of a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor.

The girl alleged that Williams fondled her breast and buttocks while she was nude and that another teenager raped her. Police charging documents said the girl was "physically helpless" to resist the assault.

The victim testified during the three-day trial that, unbeknown to her, a friend who gave her a ride home called a group of male friends and acquaintances to come to her house. The victim's parents were away at work. The victim testified that she vomited after chugging most of a bottle of malt liquor and that some of her visitors helped her disrobe and put her in the shower.

While she tried to sleep in her bed, the girl testified, one of the teenagers raped her while someone took photographs. The girl testified that she saw flashes but did not see who was taking the photos.

Under cross-examination by Melvin G. Bergman, one of Williams's attorneys, the girl testified that before the alleged rape, she had engaged in oral sex three times with the teenager she accused of raping her.

One of the visitors to the girl's home, Steven Djair Chin, 20, testified that the girl did not resist or tell the alleged rapist to stop. Chin also testified that the girl greeted her visitors with hugs and that it was the girl's idea to invite the youths over to her house.

In announcing his verdict, Spellbring cited Williams's admissions to police that he fondled the girl and took photos.

"I was worried. I didn't think he'd find him guilty of anything," said Assistant State's Attorney Tonia Belton-Gofreed, the county's chief sex crimes prosecutor. "I'm pleased with the verdict."

Williams's attorneys, Bergman and Patrick J. McAndrew, said they were pleased their client was acquitted of the third-degree sex offense charge. Williams was suspended from his senior year at Bowie High School in January and remains suspended, McAndrew said.

The alleged rapist and another defendant, both 17, originally were charged as adults, but they are now charged as juveniles with third-degree sex offense and second-degree assault.