Two Charles County residents--one a District police sergeant--were charged with disorderly conduct Wednesday after allegedly locking themselves inside their La Plata house to avoid arrest when police tried to quiet a party.

Yurell Eric Washington, 36, and Francine Marie Thompson, 31, both live in the house at 1373 Redwood Circle in La Plata. According to police, officers first visited the home shortly before midnight on Aug. 28 and advised Washington, who said he was an off-duty D.C. police officer and owner of the house, to quiet the party.

But just over an hour later, police responded to another complaint about the party's noise and advised Washington that he would be arrested if he did not end the gathering, police said. About 40 guests were at the party, according to court documents.

Police responded to a third complaint at 2 a.m. and tried to arrest Washington, officials said. But another man told them that Washington would not come outside and that they would not end the party, police said.

When Thompson appeared and said she owned the house, the officers tried to arrest her. But officers said Thompson slipped their grasp and darted into the house.

The officers again tried to handcuff Thompson inside the house, but she punched and kicked them and escaped, police said.

When the officers went outside to look for her, someone inside locked the doors and refused to let the officers back in, police said. The officers remained for some time and observed Washington and Thompson inside, but they eventually decided to submit written charges rather than remain on the scene, police said.

Craig Renner, spokesman for the Charles County sheriff's office, said that this was the best move to protect the officers' safety. He also said Washington received no special treatment because he is an officer.

Thompson was arrested Wednesday, while Washington received a criminal summons--written notification of the charges. Renner said the summons was deemed sufficient for Washington because his charges are less serious than Thompson's and because Charles County officers "had confidence [that Washington] was going to appear."

Thompson also was charged with assault and resisting arrest because of the struggle with the officers.