Led by Lauren Plotnick, who scored five goals, the U-10 Bethesda Rapids went 2-0 at the 1999 Washington Fall Classic Soccer Tournament Sept. 4 at Redland Middle School in Rockville.

The tournament, which was sponsored by the Olney Soccer Club, was supposed to last two days with finals scheduled for Sunday afternoon and evening. However, inclement weather forced the cancellation of games on Sunday, cutting the tournament one day short.

"I wish we could have played on Sunday because I thought we had an excellent chance to win the whole thing," said Bethesda Coach John Chow, whose Rapids were one of two undefeated teams in the U-10 girls division. "The kids were extremely disappointed."

Bethesda began the tournament Saturday morning with a 4-1 win over the Laurel Wildcats. Plotnick scored three goals and Jordan Guiton made several saves in net. Laura Pien scored one goal and Stefani Chow, Miyuki Hino, Allison McDaniel, Catherine Keller, Sandra Malm and Ashley Kramer each had one assist.

The Rapids improved to 2-0 with a 3-1 win over the Freedom Lightning. Plotnick scored two goals in the first half and made several saves in net in the second half. Alexandra Chili scored one goal and Guiton, Shanta Parasuraman, Mollie Reiss and Robyn Segal each had one assist. The team is coached by Chow, Gerald Guiton and Douglas McDaniel and managed by Toshiko Hino.

"I thought we played very well," said Chow, whose team went 9-0 in the Olney-Bethesda Soccer League last season. "We were trying a new formation on defense and I think it was a little confusing. But the girls adjusted well. They're a great bunch of kids."

Led by Lauren Estrain, who scored the team's first two goals, the U-12 Olney Onyx also went 2-0 on Saturday. Olney opened the tournament with a 3-1 win over the MSI Riptide. Erin Ruddy scored one goal Katie Davis and Jackie Gamble each played well in goal. Allison Lapp had two assists and Jillian Brady, Katie Richter and Lauren Goldberg each added one.

The Onyx improved to 2-0 with a 1-0 win over the MSI Fury. Lapp scored the game's lone goal on assists from Ria Halkiotis and Danielle Gottlieb. Paige Dearing, Lindsay Lethbridge, Julia McCarty and Christine Fitzgerald played good defense and Kimberly Baum controlled the midfield.

Of the 20 undefeated teams in the tournament, 11 played in the boys division. The U-9 Springfield Fire Gold, U-10 Northern Calvert Patriots and U-12 Olney United, Northern Calvert Patriots and Olney Rovers each went 2-0 and the U-9 Team Takoma, U-10 Takoma Rockets and McLean Celtics, U-12 MSI Tsunami and U-13 Olney Premier, SAC Columbia and Gunpowder Arsenal each went 1-0.

The Columbia Spirit went 2-0 in the U-12 girls division and the Fallston Eagles, Bethesda Rowdies, Freedom Astros and Montgomery Tigers each went 2-0 in the U-14 girls division. The MSI All-Stars and MSI Strikers each went 1-0 in the U-12 girls division.

1999 Washington Fall Classic

Sept. 4

U-9 Boys

OSC Mustangs 1, Grey Hawks 0

Springfield Fire Gold 5, Frederick Excel Cosmos 2

Team Takoma 4, Springfield Fire Blue 0

Stingrays 2, Damascus Dynamite 0

Springfield Fire Gold 1, OSC Mustangs 1

Grey Hawks 5, Frederick Excel Cosmos 0

Springfield Fire Blue 4, Damascus Dynamite 0

U-10 Boys

Washington SC Firebolts 9, Damascus Fire 0

Northern Calvert Patriots 2, OSC Vipers 1

N. Calvert Patriots 3, Washington SC Firebolts 0

OSC Vipers 9, Damascus Fire 0

U-11 Boys

Takoma Rockets 1, OSC Pumas 0

McLean Celtic 6, College Park Gunners 0

OSC Pumas 3, Bethesda Wolverines 1

College Park Gunners 3, Kensington FC 1

U-12 Boys

OSC United 1, Chantilly Shockwave 0

DC Stoddard Devils 0, BFC Millenium 0

OSC United 2, Rockville Rockets 0

MSI Tsunami 2, DC Stoddard Devils 1

Chantilly Shockwave 3, Rockville Rockets 1

OSC Rovers 1, Vienna Vipers 0

Northern Calvert Patriots 7, MSI Thunder Dogs 0

Potomac Predators 2, MSI Thunder Dogs 0

Vienna Vipers 3, MSI Tiny Kicks 0

Northern Calvert Patriots 2, Potomac Predators 0

OSC Rovers 4, MSI Tiny Kicks 1

U-12 Girls

OSC Onyx 3, MSI Riptide 0

CSC Spirit 2, MSI Fury 0

MSI All-Stars 2, MSI Olney Dragons 1

MSI Strikers 2, MSI Classic Potomac Sharks 0

OSC Onyx 1, MSI Fury 0

CSC Spirit 2, MSI Riptide 1

U-14 Girls

OSC Tigers 4, Little River Legacy 0

Fallston Eagles 3, MSI Cougars 1

Bethesda Rowdies 6, OSC Bulldogs 0

Montgomery Tigers 2, Freedom Galaxy 1

Freedom Astros 2, OSC Tigers 0

Freedom Galaxy 1, MSI Surge 0

Bethesda Rowdies 3, Ft. Washington Crush 0

Fallston Eagles 2, Bethesda Jags 1

Freedom Astros 2, Little River Legacy 0

Montgomery Tigers 1, MSI Surge 0