Below is a list of the winners and runners-up of a recent city lottery intended to reclaim abandoned properties in the District. Boarded-up buildings were offered in most cases for $250 and a pledge to renovate them to code and live in them for five years. Runners-up were chosen in case the winners cannot obtain financing. The city hopes to complete the sales by the end of the month.


1920 15th St. SE

Winner: Karinne Kennedy

Runners-up: James Clark, Boniface O. Ezeusim, Natalie L. Gaither


5032 Benning Rd. SE

Winner: Dalphine Townsend

Runners-up: Richard Matthews, Kim Bouknight, Timothy Barnes Sr.

406 Burbank St. SE

Winner: Mary F. Sutton

Runners-up: Clara Mendoza, Aaron Miller, Lisa K. Mingo


55 Bryant St. NW

Winner: Leon Yates

Runners-up: Colleen A. Moholland, Ruffin Brown, Alphonso and Bonita Coles

39 U St. NW

Winner: Omotayo Akinto

Runners-up: Amelia Alston Dent, Victoria Toliver, Imani S. Kearse

70 U St. NW

Winner: Imani S. Kearse

Runners-up: Lisa M. Whatley, Cassandra L. Rodges, Omotayo Akinto

1941 First St. NW

Winner: Shirley Lucas and LaVenice Lucas

Runners-up: James and Hope Gadsen, Theodore Fissema, Cowates Dixon

2031 First St. NW

Winner: Mosammat R. Khatoon

Runners-up: Monica Atkins, William Booker IV, Andre Lucas

2225 First St. NW

Winner: Nichelle A. DeJesus

Runners-up: Sekeno Whittaker and Gary Aldred, Cassandra L. Rodges, Anita L. Mosley


423 Delafield Pl. NW

Winner: Fatima N. Warren

Runners-up: Taunya M. Martin, Andre McMillan, Ann J. Marshall

615 Gallatin St. NW

Winner: Cathy Allison McDonald

Runners-up: Daniel and Maria Robles, Dorothy L. Moss, Young Dimkpah

5511 Seventh St. NW

Winner: Chester Quashie

Runners-up: Yusuff Reeder, Justin M. Simmons, Wesley Andrew Bushiad


421 61st St. NE

Winner: Patsy Flood Crawly

Runners-up: None selected


1431 Clifton St. NW

Winner: Luke Tullberg

Runners-Up: None selected

1439 Clifton St. NW

Winner: Alexandra Foucard Siclait

Runners-up: Norian F. Dixon, Sylvia Demery, Leah Malcom

1315 Fairmont St. NW

Winner: Irven E. Harris Jr.

Runners-up: Lynda S. Awasum, Willie and Veta Murphy, Almed Ahmed Haji

1339 Fairmont St. NW

Winner: Olufunke Akinmboni

Runners-up: Kirk Brian Anderson, Delonta Jones Thompson, Leigh Durig

1444 Fairmont St. NW

Winner: Ann-Marie and Cornel Henry

Runners-up: Gertrude and Kenneth Njoku, Teresea Moran, Toutou R. Abraha

1302 Irving St. NW

Winner: Efren Campos, Leonel Espinol and Kevin Williams

Runners-up: Robert E. Parks, Serge Hyacinthe, John E. Cooper

1326 Irving St. NW

Winner: Norian F. Dixon

Runners-up: Steven J. Erd, Justin A. Blum, Mudirakat Adamali Faniyau

1447 Monroe St. NW

Winner: Theresa Jean Consolla

Runners-up: Thaiwra Britt, Ahmed Elmi, Pamela Mosby

1450 Newton St. NW

Winner: Jeffrey L. Key

Runners-up: Benito and Carol Lopez, Wahab Olasehinde, Fletcher Martin

1458 Newton St. NW

Winner: Joshua Henson

Runners-up: Fletcher Martin, Jose Bonilla, Myhammad Yakoob Jan

1416 Oak St. NW

Winner: Eliseo and Martina Jimenez

Runners-up: Errol Hough, Nina M. Tosti, Tilina Crawford

3612 Rock Creek Church Rd. NW

Winner: Nigel James

Runners-up: None selected

3620 Rock Creek Church Rd. NW

Winner: Mosammat R. Khatoon

Runners-up: None selected

1516 Spring Pl. NW

Winner: Robert N. Knop and Stephen Ferry

Runners-up: Warren E. Broom, David Deal and Janessa Cobb, Jennifer Memoli

3564 11th St. NW

Winner: Joanne Pascale

Runners-up: Ronald Lee Avey, Amelia Alston Dent, Patricia Julianelle


234 V St. NE

Winner: Michelle Robinson

Runners-up: None selected.

301 V St. NE

Winner: John S. Washington

Runners-up: Michelle Robinson, Lorie Telma Mills

2127 Third St. NE

Winner: Olivia Smith-Cole

Runners-up: Ernestine Goode, Vickey Shy, Ulysses Edwin Williams


2814 28th St. SE

Winner: Beverly Session

Runner-up: Clarence D. Smith


1923 Bennett Pl. NE

Winner: None selected

Runners-up: None selected


6515 North Capitol St. NE

Winner: Rhonda Renee Sapp

Runners-up: Sylvester Jenkins, Iyabo and Segan Lana, Paul Aaron Cogan


325 T St. NW

Winner: Florence Foray

Runners-up: Dionicio Neblett, Mary Beth Shultz, Leon Browne


4234 Edson Pl. NE

Winner: Deborah Gibson

Runner-up: Francis B. Locks

1819 A St. SE

Winner: Tanya Landers

Runners-up: Jefferson L. Spears, Judy R. Walton, Dierdre Padget

1827 A St. SE

Winner: David Redd

Runners-up: Abdul Shaheed Stover, Jefferson L. Spears, Dierdre Padget

1606 D St. NE

Winner: Annette Brooks and Oliver Humphrey

Runners-up: Letitia Colette Faison, John Sales Jr., Key L. Jeffrey

1364 E St. NE

Winner: Teyonda Watson

Runners-up: Robin D. Pugh and Kimberly Lyons, Ezeosin Benedeth

1323 Emerald St. NE

Winner: H. Bernard McNeil

Runners-up: Stephanie Y. Graves, Rhonda Buckley, Nakisha N. Manning

1330 Emerald St. NE

Winner: Carla Morrison

Runners-up: Monica Anderson, Karen S. Lord, Carolyn R. Dunn

1357 Emerald St. NE

Winner: Suzette Garcia

Runners-up: Timmy Clark, Terrance and Shermita Bates, Dawitt Goitom

1362 Emerald St. NE

Winner: Victor Veizaga

Runners-up: Janice Headley, Joe Alexander Lyons, Franklin Musgrove

1340 F St. NE

Winner: Donna L. Edwards

Runners-up: Pauline A. Matthews, Tameria J. Lewis, Eloise McSwain-Eley

1371 F St. NE

Winner: Eugenia White and Leif Running

Runners-up: Pamela Stephenson, Kyra Williams, Key Collier German

1727 Massachusetts Ave. SE

Winner: Anthony C. Njoky

Runners-up: Sharon Renee McCoy, Jefferson L. Spears, Imani S. Kearse


1426 Varnum St. NW

Winner: Marvetia Young-Gore

Runners-up: Areatha J. Smith, Tewfik Mohammed Hassen, John Tyson Jr.

4623 Fifth St. NW

Winner: Linda Smith

Runners-up: Janel Baskerville, Anjanette Karolyn Tinney, Yosmara Belinga


778 Lamont St. NW

Winner: Beverly Lawhorn

Runners-up: Raphael Leveille, Sandra L. Hernandez, Siddick Hamoundi


1520 Third St. NW

Winner: Sylvia M. Etitane

Runners-up: Wilson Zhu, Clyde Watts, Eddie Capers


507 G St. NE

Winner: Bradley A. Johnson

Runners-up: Gregory Bordynkowski and Twylene Moyer, Tameria J. Lewis, Kelley R. Kenyan

333 K St. NE

Winner: James and Aisha Childs

Runners-up: Eileen Briggs, Abdenur Taher Idris, Karen L. Coutler

631 Fifth St. NE

Winner: Kim Johnson and Amy Johnson

Runners-up: Kelley R. Kenyan, Christina Bachman, Runako Balondemu

729 Fifth St. NE

Winner: Michelle A. Seminara

Runners-up: Caroline Hickey, Jacqueline Stone-Minnow, Robert Benish

1023 Sixth St. NE

Winner: Gladys E. Keese

Runners-up: Ellen Woods, Vertez Ugley, Barbara A. Basalgete


1305 Orren St. NE

Winner: Deborah Gibson

Runners-up: Quentine V. White, Jose Cabezas, Taunya M. Martin


1227 New Jersey Ave. NW

Winner: Marcella Johnson

Runners-up: Curtis Royster, Robert Smith, Cynthia Gilbert

44 New York Ave. NW

Winner: Florence Foray

Runners-up: Caryl D. Durhamrandolff, Sikander H. Mirza, Alfonso Freeman

48 New York Ave. NW

Winner: Jeremiah K. Mmbui

Runners-up: James M. Jennifer, Velvet Noreen Jonshon, Pierre Smalls

1419 First St. NW

Winner: Donna Lee Carter

Runners-up: Edwin Ulysses Williams, Ishaa H. Majeed II, Gladys E. Keese


831 Barnaby St. SE

Winner: Kenneth Lee Joyce

Runners-up: None selected

818 Xenia St. SE

Winner: Kenneth Lee Joyce

Runners-up: Natama V. Summers

820 Xenia St. SE

Winner: Kenneth Lee Joyce

Runners-up: None selected


920 S St. NW

Winner: Eric Swanson

Runners-up: Penelope Dawn Cave, Eileen Campbell, Steven Erd

937 S St. NW

Winner: Willie and Veta Murphy

Runners-up: Sonjai Sit'Lani, Eileen B. Smith

1811 Ninth St. NW

Winner: James Yarborough and MaryLean Mack

Runners-up: Jamal M. Rasheed, James Wilkerson, Georgia Morningstar

1828 Ninth St. NW

Winner: Julia M. Lovelace

Runners-up: Tammy Williams and James Killette, Marlene Donaldson, Sikander H. Mirza