Every Thursday, Loudoun Extra will publish a brief Q & A with an area athlete or coach.

NAME: Kenny Roseberry

SCHOOL: Loudoun County High

YEAR: Senior


NOTABLE: Won the J.V. Arthur tournament in August with a 73. . . . Shot a 41 at Westpark Monday in the Raiders' 161-166 victory over Potomac Falls. . . . Shot a 1-under 35 against Park View Aug. 30 and even-par 36 against Loudoun Valley at Raspberry Falls Sept. 1. . . . Four-year member of the Loudoun County golf team. . . . Has been the Raiders' No. 2 golfer as a junior and senior, behind senior Billy Hurley. . . . Honorable mention All-Extra golfer in 1997 and 1998. . . . Has played golf for six years.

Extra: How do you approach the game of golf?

Roseberry: "I just go out there to have fun. Wherever [the ball] goes, it goes. . . . I like to play. Some days you want to go out there, some days you're in the mood, and some days you're not. It's fun if you're playing good. For the most part, when you're winning, you're having fun. If you're not, then it's not very fun. Winning the J.V. Arthur--that was all right."

Extra: What do you think about when you're on the golf course?

Roseberry: "I don't think about golf. I think about what I'm going to do later, like how I'm going to go out with friends afterward. [Monday, after the Potomac Falls match] I played basketball with my friends. Some nights we just drive around."

Extra: Do you take the game seriously?

Roseberry: "I know when I go out there, that I have a responsibility to my team to shoot good. I basically focus kind of in my own way. I can't focus in like the really good golfers. I'm not a great golfer; I'm an above-average golfer."

Extra: Why do you play golf?

Roseberry: "It takes up a lot of time, and I have a lot of spare time. It takes a pretty long time to play a round. It's also fun, and it's something to make me relax."

Extra: What's the best golf movie?

Roseberry: " 'Caddyshack,' definitely. I like that movie; it's funny. 'Happy Gilmore' is also good; it's funny, too. Happy Gilmore is kind of like me. At first, he didn't like golf that much; he was like, Whatever, I'm just going to hit the ball. After he realized he was getting good, he realized that golf is pretty fun to play.