Purcellville Citizens Ignored

On Sept. 13, the citizens of Hamilton and its Urban Growth Area presented a petition signed by more than 450 people to their Town Council that addressed three issues the signers wanted implemented. The Town Council of Hamilton listened to its citizens and declared a moratorium on water and sewer connections until the town's water and sewer systems are expanded and thorough water studies can be conducted. It was reported that two developers were disappointed in the council's decision, which will delay their plans.

The next day, a short distance away, the Purcellville Town Council did not listen to its citizens and voted unanimously to annex the 94-acre Case Farm property ["Purcellville to Annex Case Farm," Sept. 16]. There was no applause, no celebration, only silence. This was done despite the overwhelming opposition at two public hearings, a well-attended grass-roots town meeting, a petition signed by more than 600 residents 18 and older, and calls and letters to council members to postpone annexations until water studies were conducted and other infrastructure concerns were addressed. Prior to their vote, it was discovered that 800 more dwellings--for a total of 1,600 (100 percent of previous estimates)--could be built within the town limits. A flag should have been raised to postpone annexations until a determination was made of the impact, if any, to the town's infrastructure projections and studies, which were conducted addressing future growth.

Quite simply, the council had two choices, listen to residents' concerns and vote to defer or postpone, or listen to the builder, who is ready to build now, with or without the town.

The citizens who attended left Town Hall after the vote appalled at what they had seen. Most spoke of the display of arrogance and total loss of credibility. How can you ignore more than 600 citizens? Where are all the people who support this annexation? How can two towns so close together, trying to cope with similar water problems and growth pressures, be so far apart?

The council has made its choice; next May, we will make ours.




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