At stake in G. Gordon Liddy's latest legal battle is a stake--a property marker--and a three-foot strip of land.

That's what one of his Fort Washington neighbors says Liddy stole, and she says she has the videotape to prove it.

Liddy, mastermind of the Watergate burglary, author and now a syndicated radio host, said his neighbor is trying to intimidate him by swearing out two misdemeanor complaints against him.

Of course, Liddy, who once wrote in his autobiography of holding his hand over a candle flame to demonstrate his toughness, isn't flinching.

"I've got nine felonies on my record," Liddy said. "She thinks she can intimidate me? Well, welcome to the NFL."

In an affidavit filed in Prince George's County District Court, Linda Neilson alleges that on Sept. 13, 1998, "I took pictures and a videotape of him actually digging the stake out of the ground." She contends the stake, a property marker, was on her land in accordance with a property survey she had done in June 1997.

A county police officer who handled Neilson's original complaint suggested that she work out the dispute with Liddy, but that hasn't happened.

"I have tried, but Mr. Liddy refuses to understand that what he did was against the law," Neilson wrote in her affidavit. "I feel that he dug the stake out of the ground because he does not agree with the survey, an act that is against the law."

According to her affidavit, Neilson bought her house in 1993. She did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Liddy, 68, said in an interview that he is not a land crook.

"It's hard for me to trespass on my own land. She keeps wanting me to just give her my property," Liddy said. "I told her she should go to [civil] court and sue. She could show her surveys, and I'd present mine. I've had four professional engineering surveys done. We'd have a quick decision. I think she doesn't want to go to the expense of going to court and hiring a lawyer."

Under Maryland law, residents do not need an attorney to go before a court commissioner and swear out a complaint accusing someone of a misdemeanor in District Court.

Liddy said he and his wife, Frances P. Liddy, have owned their home overlooking the Potomac River since 1980. The property is in his wife's name, Liddy said.

A few years ago, Liddy said, Neilson moved his wooden rail fence a few feet to the spot where she contends the property line is. Liddy said he simply moved the fence back to its original spot. Liddy estimated that a three-foot strip of land is in dispute.

The case is scheduled to go to trial in District Court on Oct. 20.

CAPTION: G. Gordon Liddy's Fort Washington neighbor, Linda Neilson, says Liddy illegally moved a property marker. Liddy says his boundary surveys don't agree with hers.

CAPTION: G. Gordon Liddy, of Watergate fame, now has a syndicated radio show.