Thomas Stone golf coach Donnie Mayer has protested the Cougars' 165-164 loss to Patuxent on Tuesday at Chesapeake Hills, claiming the score of one of his golfers was recorded incorrectly.

Thomas Stone's William Burke was credited with a 43 when he should have had a 42, Mayer said. Although Burke shot a 4 on the ninth and final hole, the Patuxent player keeping score for Burke and Stone teammate Jimmy Williams counted Williams's 5 on the ninth as part of Burke's total, Mayer said.

Chopticon Coach Jim Younkins, the league's golf chairman, will decide whether to change the result on Tuesday before the start of the 1999 Southern Maryland Athletic Conference tournament at Wicomico. Changing the Patuxent victory to a tie will not change postseason seedings for teams or individuals, Northern Coach Jim Hall said.

Patuxent golf coach Karl Brungot was not available for comment.

"I've talked to a few area professionals at White Plains and at the University of Maryland, and they both said that, either way you look at it, it should be a tie," Mayer said.

Although Thomas Stone is protesting the match, Burke signed the scorecard that credited him with a 43.

"We play by USGA rules, and they state that if you sign off on a score that is lower than your actual total, you are disqualified, and if you sign off on a score that is higher than your actual score, then you are stuck with it," Hall said. "There's not a whole lot of gray area."

The Cougars were undefeated before the Patuxent match, but now stand at 8-2 following a 172-167 loss to Great Mills on Wednesday.