Dirt found inside an eyeglass case in Hadden Clark's pickup truck likely came from a Cape Cod cemetery where Montgomery County prosecutors say Clark initially buried little Michele Dorr, according to an FBI soil expert who testified at Clark's murder trial yesterday.

Bruce Hall, an FBI forensic geologist, also told the Montgomery County Circuit Court jury hearing Clark's case that pieces of crushed stone found beneath Clark's pickup had the same "essential minerals" as a granite grave marker that prosecutors say Clark drove over after unearthing the child's body to hide it again.

Jurors also heard yesterday from three more former Maryland prison inmates, who testified that Clark confessed to them that he'd killed Michele after finding her playing in his niece's bedroom in Silver Spring in May 1986. Clark, 47, had lived at the time with his brother two houses down from Michele's father, Carl Dorr, whom she was visiting the day she disappeared. The 6-year-old's body has never been found.

One former inmate, William Yates, 27, testified that Clark told him he killed Michele because "he'd had sex with her and he was scared she was going to say something about it."

Another former inmate, James Beckette, 58, told jurors that he asked Clark why he killed Michele, and Clark answered, "I didn't mean to do it."

Defense attorneys argued that the inmates had concocted Clark's alleged confessions so police and prosecutors would help them get paroled early or get better medical care in prison. Clark's attorneys pointed out that some of the inmates had told different versions of Clark's supposed confessions over time. The inmates told the jury they received no favors in exchange for their testimony.

CAPTION: Hadden Clark is accused of slaying Michele Dorr and hiding the body.