A Case of Mistaken Identity

I continually receive phone calls and comments attributing a letter written by Donald G. White of Gainesville, supporting the candidacy of Gary Friedman, to me.

My name is Donald L. White, and I served as the Gainesville representative on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, 1976-1983, and I ran again for the board in 1995.

Therefore, I request that you print a disclaimer relating to any letters printed in your newspaper from Donald G. White stipulating that the writer is not to be confused with Donald L. White, former Gainesville supervisor.

I feel this is particularly important since I do not believe Mr. Friedman's positions are in the best interest of the Gainesville District or Prince William County, but rather his views support those of a select few north of Interstate 66.

This select few will do anything they can to continue to have the county subsidize their lifestyle, to the detriment of the rest of Prince William County. This includes having someone with a name very similar to mine write letters in support of their candidate in a deliberate attempt to confuse the voters.


Former Gainesville supervisor


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