The Southern Maryland Athletic Conference's golf chairman this week upheld Patuxent's one-stroke victory over Thomas Stone, denying Cougars Coach Donnie Mayer's protest that one of his golfers' scores was recorded incorrectly at the Sept. 28 match.

Thomas Stone's William Burke shot 42 over nine holes at Chesapeake Hills, but his score was recorded by a Patuxent playing partner as 43. The Panthers won the regular season match, 165-164.

Burke signed the scorecard after the match, and because of that, Jim Younkins, the SMAC's golf chairman, needed only to reaffirm USGA rules, which all Maryland high school teams follow.

According to those rules, if a player signs off on a score that is lower than his actual score, he is disqualified; if he signs off on a score that is higher than his actual score, he has to keep the recorded score.

Younkins made his decision Tuesday at the District IV state qualifying meet.

"I thought that was fair," Mayer said. "I only protested the result because a mistake had been made and I thought people needed to watch out for this type of error.

"I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention, and we did that."