A Welcome Addition

On Sept. 15, an article written by Eugene L. Meyer regarding the paving of Melwood Road was published in the Prince George's Extra. I wish to thank everyone for their interest and the way it was handled.

Meyer should be recognized for his efforts in obtaining the information involved to publish this story. It was my pleasure to cooperate with him. The Prince George's Extra is a welcome addition to The Washington Post, and I look forward to reading it each week. Thank you all.

Gilbert E. Moore

Upper Marlboro

Stop the Music

I certainly agree with [Michelle Singletary's] Sept. 15 column.

I've not been a regular customer, not a customer at all, in fact, of the mobile food trucks. My wife's family has bought crabs and probably other things at these places. My brother-in-law brings home wonderful food from roadside stands in fashionable St. Simons, Ga. I don't object to them.

They ought to meet some standards of inspection and cleanliness. Reasonable standards, not harassing or discriminatory standards. What I do object to is the mobile ice cream trucks that have popped up in my single-family-home neighborhood the past couple years.

Not that they sell the ice cream, which I still wouldn't buy, but because they make noise. What's more, it's the same repetitive jingle that was played by a similar truck that went through my neighborhood when I was a kid in the '60s! The same recording! I'm a successful physicist and engineer now, but then I lived in public housing, a big circle of dwellings, so the sound persisted for a long time, and I object to noise being projected into my home or my space from a vehicle!

Sanford Hinkal


Inspired by Column

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed [Lisa Frazier's column] in the Sept. 15 Prince George's Extra about the influence that mentoring had on her in high school and in life. Your article inspired me to pick up the phone and call Zack Berry's number to volunteer--and I wanted to let you know that, too.

I've been talking about helping somehow, some way, in some school for some time (read "years"), and haven't yet done it.

I work part time, so do have some week days available. I had written the previous superintendent with some ideas when he first took office.

I let the slowness of his office to respond to repeated phone calls and letters eventually kill my enthusiasm for those ideas. Last year (or was it two years ago?), I called someone running a mentoring program for Woodmore Elementary and/or Tasker Middle School, but the time commitments didn't work out.

I had saved The Post articles about the schools in crisis with the intent of volunteering at one of them and hadn't.

I've also read with great interest and enthusiasm all The Post's articles about the search for a new superintendent and [Iris T.] Metts's selection.

Prince George's Extra interviews and other Post interviews with her have been very helpful for readers. So, with your article and her goal of 10,000 volunteers, I picked up the phone and called.

Thanks again for the article. You were the catalyst for putting me back in action.

Maureen Blades


Lexington Market

I believe that would be a great idea to give us a little mini-mall that sells all the joys of Lexington Market. We could use the revenue for a very good cause. I personally drive to Lexington Market every two weeks for the pleasure of good food and a wonderful atmosphere.

Dawn Johnson


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