Save for a little litter, all has been relatively peaceful at a Manassas restaurant since the City Council voted to give it 30 days to significantly lower its noise level, council members were told Thursday at a council meeting.

Mexico Lindo restaurant--the subject of hundreds of complaints about loud music, drug use and alcohol-related brawls for almost three years--nearly had its dance permit revoked two weeks ago, but council members agreed to give the restaurant's owner a month to fix the problems.

Under a plan submitted Thursday by Police Chief John J. Skinner, dancing at the restaurant would be restricted to Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and hard liquor would not be served after 9 p.m. No beer would be served after midnight, at which time the music would also be turned off. Restaurant owner Felix Vargas has agreed to the conditions.

Since early 1997, more than 360 complaints have been filed against the restaurant at 9920 Crockwell Rd., and more than 200 police hours have been required to deal with incidents at or near the establishment. Of the complaints, 41 were for public intoxication, and 11 were for driving under the influence of alcohol. Police records also show 78 complaints of loud music, as well as 30 counts of narcotics violations and 23 counts of verbal and physical fights at or near the restaurant.

In other city business, the dedication ceremony for the Loy E. Harris Pavilion will be Oct. 24. The $2.2 million outdoor pavilion, located at Center and West Streets, is part of the largest revitalization push in the city's history and is named after the businessman who helped transform the downtown area.