In Sunday's Prince William Extra Forum, there was a transcript error in Donald G. White's letter. It should have read: "However, image my surprise when his letter continues and makes the outlandish claim that I do not have a mind of my own." (Published 10/20/1999)

Put Children First

I have called Prince William County my home for nine years. I am deeply concerned over the recent proposals to put gambling facilities and racetracks in our community, and I strongly oppose any effort to do so.

While beautiful pictures and dreams of horse racing abound, they do not illustrate the destruction that comes when people choose to gamble. We seem to be forgetting a very important piece in the picture: the children who do not have a choice.

When I was a child, I was left alone to care for my even younger siblings in an RV camper parked outside a gambling facility, while an adult relative spent the night gambling, just for the "fun" of it. Gambling left a wound on my heart, and I know it has wounded many others.

And so I speak out today on behalf of all the innocent children who would be victimized and suffer at the hands of those who would gamble at these proposed facilities. I urge you to consider the hearts of our children, and don't sacrifice them for the illusion of the "beautiful" picture that gambling presents. The hearts of our children are far more valuable--and far more beautiful.



Speaking for Himself

In a letter to the editor [Prince William Extra, Oct. 11], Donald L. White (former Gainesville supervisor) bemoans the problems he has encountered because of some people's confusion when they see Donald G. White and read Donald L. White.

I can certainly empathize. My family and I have received numerous calls over the years from people, agencies, companies, etc. attempting to contact (businessman and consultant) Donald White. Our response was to provide the correct telephone number to the caller in an attempt to be helpful to both the caller and Mr. White.

The former supervisor requests that the newspaper clearly identify me as not being Donald L White. However, imagine my sunrise when his letter continues and makes the outlandish claim that I do not have a mind of my own! According to the former supervisor, my thoughts and opinions are not my own but merely the product of some nefarious plot conceived by "a select few." Well, as Emerson said, "People only see what they are prepared to see".

The former supervisor has made this public charge without the common courtesy afforded most people. I disagree with the former supervisor's opposition to the candidacy of Gary Friedman, but I respect his right to voice his opinion and believe it to be his own. If I were to descend to the level that the former supervisor has, I could make a similar claim. The former supervisor's position is aligned with those of the group responsible for Prince William County's state of affairs--high property taxes, crowded schools, etc.

Is the former supervisor a pawn of this "select few" as he claims I am? I will not stoop to his level for to make such an unsubstantiated claim as he has leveled at me would be wrong.

Let me state clearly and publicly: I am Donald G. White. The opinions I express are my own and are delivered at the behest of no one or thing other than my own sense of right and wrong and concern for the betterment of the community I live in. To make a claim as the former supervisor has is acting without knowledge.

Therefore, I second the former supervisor's request that the newspaper clearly distinguish between the two of us. I would not want anyone to believe that such unsubstantiated and erroneous claims originated from me.

Goethe said it best, "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action".



Growth Remains an Issue

In [Prince William Extra, Oct. 11], I read that Mr. Donald L. White and Mr. Donald G. White are two different people!

One, Mr. Donald L. White said what the people who live on the far side of Interstate 66 suffer from causes a problem that affects the entire county. Mr. White is correct in part. But not just the people on the far side of I-66, as some of the people that live in the Sudley and all of Prince William County area are aware that the more homes that are built, the more schools and infrastructure is needed and is paid for by the taxpayers of Prince William County. In a University of Virginia poll paid for with taxpayers' money two years ago, 70 percent of the people of Prince William County wanted growth controlled. What the poll for this year stated on this wasn't reveled.

Our county is a bedroom community and will always be, if things stay the way they are. The "Rural Crescent" is part of a guide that Prince William County reviews every five years (the comprehensive plan). Some politicians are taking credit for the Rural Crescent and saying that the growth issue is solved.

I do agree that candidates need to say things with clarity and mean what they are saying. Some candidates are reelected year after year and they make no promises. They keep no promises, but they have many people who help them by writing letters telling the shortfalls of the people they are running against and as to how much it seems as if their favorite candidate has done and they take credit for every thing good, leaving out any negative parts.



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