As jury deliberations continued yesterday in the beating death of a Woodbridge woman, her relatives reported two separate incidents they believe involved a gang that has been linked to the case.

Both incidents--one a case of vandalism and the other a home invasion--involved symbols associated with the "Five-Five" gang, according to the victim's family. The name of the gang, active in eastern Prince William County, has been tied to the murder case in testimony this week.

Jurors are scheduled to resume deliberations in Prince William County Circuit Court this morning in the murder trial of Teresa Hattie Dixon, 18, of the Alexandria area of Fairfax County. She is accused of participating in the beating of Natalie Giles Davis, 25, after a traffic altercation in June.

During the attack, Davis was surrounded by five teenage girls, three of whom police said may have ties to the gang. Witnesses said Davis's head was slammed repeatedly into the concrete. Prosecutors said Dixon then approached a "helpless" Davis and kicked her solidly in the head. Testimony ended early Tuesday afternoon.

Julian Grante, a Davis family spokesman, said that yesterday morning, one of Davis's young cousins found a "55" spray-painted in white on the fence of her Dumfries home. The cousin, 14, testified in Dixon's trial Tuesday and implicated Kurebia Maria Hampton, 16, as the primary attacker. Hampton was wearing a piece of the gang's apparel at the time of the beating.

A police detective testified that at least three of the five teenage girls were yelling the gang's name at Davis as her head was slammed into the pavement. Dixon, who is not a member of the gang, testified that she heard some of the other girls yelling "five-five" during the fight.

In a separate incident early Wednesday, four masked men pried their way into a home on Blue Jay Court in Dale City, where the fiance of one of Davis's cousins lives. Prince William police said the armed men ransacked the house, shoving two men who live there into a bathroom and spraying them with Mace. One of the men was hit over the head with a glass. Police said a "gang emblem" was scratched into the television set but would not elaborate.

Police said they did not know whether the incidents were linked to the trial.

"At this time, we have not been provided with any information that they are related," said Sgt. Kim Chinn, a police spokeswoman. "But detectives are actively investigating the cases."

Kevin Giles, one of Davis's cousins, said that family members are uneasy about the incidents but that they view it as "intimidation more than a threat of violence." Grante said the gang has "become bolder and more visible" to the Davis family since the beating.