Anne Arundel County prosecutors have decided not to file charges against a woman accused of breast-feeding another woman's baby at a Severn day-care center.

A spokeswoman for the state's attorney's office said there was not enough evidence to show that the Glen Burnie woman had committed a crime. "While this case is very disturbing and very unsettling, there does not appear to be a law that has been broken," spokeswoman Kristin Riggin said.

The Oct. 8 incident happened at Kinder Care Learning Center after workers at the center had given the 11-month-old boy his regular bottle feeding.

The Glen Burnie woman, who had a young child of her own at the center, later told police that she arrived and found the other baby crying. She picked him up and began to breast-feed him.

Officials said they do not know why the woman breast-fed the other baby, whom she did not know. A teacher saw the woman and took the child from her.

Officials said the Glen Burnie woman later apologized to the 11-month-old's mother and offered to provide her medical history and take blood tests, since diseases can be transmitted through breast milk. The mother reported the incident to police, who investigated and contacted prosecutors.

"No matter how far we could stretch the second-degree assault law, this would go beyond the most liberal interpretation," Riggin said. "It's probably more of a civil matter."

Kathi VanderZanden, a spokeswoman for Kinder Care Learning Center's corporate headquarters, declined to comment, saying that company officials were still trying to find out what happened.