A 23-year-old Germantown woman was found guilty yesterday of helping her boyfriend stab her estranged husband to death while trying to rob him of the money he had earned that day by driving a taxicab.

Kelly Lynn Bradshaw will face a maximum penalty of life without the possibility of parole when she is sentenced in December.

Bradshaw stared down at the defense table without emotion as the jury filed into the courtroom after 12 hours of deliberations over two days, but her eyes gradually filled with tears as the foreman announced "guilty" on three charges, including first-degree murder.

Prosecutors had told the Montgomery County Circuit Court jury during the two-week trial that Bradshaw and her boyfriend, Darrell "Speedy" Butler, had plotted to kill Olanepekun M. "Tony" Oyefusi, 42, on Sept. 29, 1998.

The jury convicted Bradshaw of murder, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a deadly weapon. She was acquitted of conspiracy to commit murder.

"This was a man she had married for money, the man she told people she planned to divorce so she could take his money," John McCarthy, deputy state's attorney, said during closing arguments Thursday.

Prosecutors said that Bradshaw regarded her husband, whom she met on a cab ride, as "a meal ticket" and that she plotted with Butler to kill Oyefusi after he threw her out of the house. Witnesses said Oyefusi ordered his wife out of the home two weeks before he was killed because he had found her having sex with Butler there.

Bradshaw told others she planned to divorce Oyefusi five weeks later, McCarthy said, "but I guess she couldn't wait."

Bradshaw's attorneys had argued that Butler acted alone in stabbing Oyefusi, whose nude body was discovered on the bedroom floor of his Laurel Grove Place town house, stabbed 12 times and cut 16 more times amid bloodied walls and upended furniture.

Butler, 20, of Odenton, pleaded guilty in July to first-degree murder and is being held at the Montgomery County Detention Center without bond, pending sentencing Wednesday.

Assistant Public Defender Robert Kaye argued that Butler had heard Bradshaw and her husband having sex and, jealous upon finding them together, "lost it" and stabbed Oyefusi.

Kaye conceded that Bradshaw had married Oyefusi because his financial support let her be the "queen bee of the party house," as their town house became a place for Bradshaw and her friends to drink, have sex and do drugs all day.

"Dead, he was worth nothing to her. Alive, he was all she had," Kaye told jurors in closing remarks. "She was there, but she didn't kill him, and she didn't want him dead."

One witness, Christine Townsend, testified that Bradshaw confessed to the crime. Another witness described Butler and Bradshaw emerging from the woods on the night of the killing in a spot close to where two large knives, both bloodied and one bent at a sharp angle, were found in the bushes in Oyefusi's neighborhood.

The Germantown couple whose knives were used in the crime said that Butler and Bradshaw were at their house the evening of the murder but that only Bradshaw had access to the knives. The couple testified that after Butler used their bathroom, they found a note which appeared to describe the killing.