Full Days for Teachers, Too

My teaching colleagues and I take issue with a comment made by Sonny Hagy (Brentsville activities director) that appeared in the Prince William Extra Oct. 16.

In the article, "For Area ADs, It's a Stretch," written by Preston Williams, Mr. Hagy is quoted as follows: "All of us (activities directors) could teach and then when school's out go to 7-Eleven and work the same hours and make a lot more money."

This comment leaves the reader with the impression that the teachers' job is done at 2 p.m., when school is out. I cannot speak for Brentsville Junior/Senior High School, but at Woodbridge Senior High School, few, if any, teachers leave the building at 2 p.m. Most are at school attending meetings, helping students and doing the myriad of activities that we are required to do and have no time to do during the regular school day.

When we do go home, we grade homework, quizzes and tests and prepare our lessons. If we have an easy day, maybe we have time on the way home to stop at 7-Eleven for a soft drink and a snack.

My colleagues and I appreciate the time that the activities directors and administrators put in. We know they are overworked and need more help.

However, we the teachers also have a full day that doesn't leave room for a second job at 7-Eleven.


Science Department Chairman,

Physics Teacher

Woodbridge Senior High School


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