In St. Mary's County

Ever wonder about what's being built -- or what a developer proposes to build -- on the vacant land around the corner? This feature is intended to provide an easy way for you to learn about planned development throughout St. Mary's County.

Using information provided by the St. Mary's County Department of Planning and Zoning, and the Leonardtown Planning and Zoning Commission, Southern Maryland Extra gives you a monthly update on planned subdivisions, office buildings, shopping centers and other development. The map and chart identify planned projects that were processed by officials in September. The planning offices' file numbers for each project are in brackets.

The status of the projects is described in three categories:

Projects Proposed, Preliminary Plans/Site Plans/Concept Plans Proposed are residential, commercial or industrial projects submitted for approval. Public hearings are held before any action by the Planning Commission.

Projects Approved, Preliminary Plans/Site Plans Approved are residential, commercial or industrial projects approved by the Planning Commission for development of land.

Building Permits allow a property owner to begin clearing or grading land for construction.

Projects Proposed


1. MILL RUN PLAZA, Route 5, north of Route 6. A concept plan for commercial and industrial development on 67.87 acres. Plan proposes to build three industrial offices, a three-story hotel office and a retail store. [98-2464]

Projects Approved


2. RUBY TUESDAY RESTAURANT, Route 235, east of Route 4. A preliminary plan to build a restaurant on 1.339 acres. [99-2184]

3. THE WOODS AT MYRTLE POINT, Patuxent Boulevard near Route 4. A preliminary plan to subdivide 42.42 acres into 55 lots for single-family houses. [98-1128]


4. KINGSTON SUBDIVISION, Route 244, south of Route 5. A preliminary plan to subdivide 45.65 acres (Phase 2) into 36 lots for single-family houses, and to subdivide 146.62 acres (Phase 3) into 28 lots for single-family houses. [97-0703]


5. CLEARFIELDS OF BRETON BAY, Monterey Place, south of White Oak Road. A preliminary plan to subdivide 94 acres into 29 lots for single-family houses. [98-3070]


6. DUNLEIGH, Rue Purchase Road, north of Route 235. A concept review of a plan to subdivide 23.248 acres into 37 lots for single-family houses. [98-2416]

Building Permits


7. HICKORY HILLS, Knockeyon Lane and Meath Road. Permits for construction of two town house units. [99-2064]

8. WATER STATION, First Colony Boulevard, behind Target department store. A permit for construction of a water treatment building and storage tank on 0.58 acres. [99-0349]


9. FOREST RUN TOWNHOUSES, Forest Run Drive off Great Mills Road. Permits for construction of two town house units. [99-2225]


10. LEXINGTON PARK VOLUNTEER RESCUE SQUAD, Buck Hewitt Road, south of Route 235. A permit for construction of a 6,750-square-foot rescue squad station on 1.96 acres. [98-2696]


11. MECHANICSVILLE VOLUNTEER RESCUE SQUAD, 28120 Old Flora Corner Rd. A permit for construction of a 1,920-square-foot addition. [99-0312]