Yolanda R. Smith (R)

Age: 29.

Residence: Manassas Park.

Education: Attend George Mason University.

Occupation: Insurance claims representative for a major insurance carrier.

Elected offices/civic activities: Active church member; involved in children's and singles' ministries.

Family: Single.

Why should the voters elect you?

"Manassas Park is one of the fastest growing cities in Virginia. Currently the city has not assessed all of its property, which directly results in uncollected revenue. When elected, I will utilize my years of experience to implement four key elements to the office: I will place a stronger emphasis on customer service; I will provide a more efficient and effective operation through automation; I will ensure timely assessments, allowing for better collections; and I will continue the Brendel, Baker and Treuting tradition of building a better tomorrow. Unassessed property is a burden on every taxpayer!"

What would you like voters to know about you?

"While attending college, I worked two jobs. I have a background in finance, administration, customer service and process improvement, making me a responsive professional."

Debra D. Wood (I)*

Age: 44.

Residence: Manassas Park.

Occupation: Acting revenue commissioner since May.

Elected offices/civic activities: Deputy revenue commissioner (1991-1999).

Family: Married; two children.

Why should the voters elect you?

"I have worked in the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue for eight years and have been involved in all facets of the office. As deputy commissioner, I have supervised the daily operations of the office and acted on behalf of the commissioner in his or her absence. My years of experience and vast knowledge of the duties of commissioner far surpass that of any candidate. There is no substitute for experience. My efforts have been to be fair and equal to everyone while adhering to state guidelines. I am committed and look forward to continue serving the citizens of Manassas Park as commissioner of revenue."

E-mail address: manpark.comm@erols.com