B.H. 'Broni' Lambelet **

Age: 48.

Residence: Marshall.

Education: AAS, Lord Fairfax Community College; BA, sociology, Mary Baldwin College.

Occupation: Community volunteer.

Elected offices/civic activities: 1998 School Re-zoning Committee, Fauquier County public schools; member and former chairman, Special Education Advisory Committee, Fauquier County public schools; former co-manager and board member, Fauquier County Fair; board member, Fauquier Community Theatre.

Family: Married; five children; one grandchild.

Why should the voters elect you?

"I'll give the residents of Marshall District honest representation that fairly reflects their concerns and hopes for our schools. I have established a solid working relationship with both candidates for the Marshall District seat on the Board of Supervisors. I'm committed to continuing and building that relationship to ensure Marshall residents benefit from a School Board and a Board of Supervisors that work effectively together. Having volunteered many hours in classrooms, I stand for low student-teacher ratios and hiring and keeping competent teachers--which requires a competitive compensation package with the focus on retaining experienced teachers."

What would you like voters to know about you?

"I've demonstrated my commitment to supporting and improving public education through many years of formal and informal volunteer activities in schools and with parents and teachers."

** Running Unopposed