Exercise Right to Vote

Citizens of Loudoun County need to mark their calendars to vote on Nov. 2 for our local and state representatives and on five bond issues. We are all busy people, but what amazes me is that residents don't take time to get to know the elected representatives who make critical decisions that affect our individual lives.

For instance, in my area of Ashburn, there is a bond issue on building a new library. Do you know who on your Board of Supervisors has voted for or against this proposal? I do. I have also made it a point to find out the voting records on other issues and not just rely on the rhetoric of political candidates. Many times the real truth lies just below the surface.

Your right to vote is precious, and the candidates running for office are always anxious to talk to you. There are some activist groups in Loudoun that drive the agendas most of the time. But what about you, the average resident? You have a say, too. Get involved and call the registrar's office at 703-777-0380 to find out where to vote.



Editor's note: See inside for maps of election districts and a list of polling places in Loudoun and Fauquier counties.


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