Patricia S. Grigsby (R)

Age: 37.

Residence: Hillsboro.

Education: Attended Yale University.

Occupation: Mother; political activist.

Elected offices/civic activities: Member, Hillsboro Town Council; organizer, Route 9 Coalition; appointee, Loudoun County Tax Equity Committee; founder and chairman, Books for Babies, a project of the Loudoun County Republican Women's Club.

Family: Married; two children.

Why should the voters elect you?

"I believe Blue Ridge voters should elect me as supervisor because I have practical plans for improving the accountability of county government. Loudoun voters have asked the county to limit spending in a prudent manner and avoid incurring public debt for projects not related to schools. Instead, our board has asked for even more taxes. Citizens have asked for immediate action to limit growth and been told that only Richmond can help. I have presented detailed plans for trimming the county budget, scaling back county building projects and using existing tools to limit residential growth. It's time to put those plans into action."

What would you like voters to know about you?

"While working for a nonprofit agency, I developed methods for evaluating federal grantees that fulfilled our oversight responsibilities at far less cost to the taxpayers."

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Eleanore C. Towe (D)*

Age: 62.

Residence: Round Hill.

Education: Attended Mary Washington College and Northern Virginia Community College.

Occupation: Part-time secretary, Loudoun Valley Medical Practice.

Elected offices/civic activities: Supervisor since 1996; member and former president, League of Women Voters of Loudoun County; founder, Round Hill Area Citizens Association; founding member, North Goose Creek Watershed Committee; former president and tutor, Loudoun Literacy Council.

Family: Married; four children.

Why should the voters elect you?

"I have an established record since 1987 of advocating and working for managed growth. My experience and expertise gained while working on the board and my reputation as a fair, responsive representative who, with citizens and through consensus building, has accomplished much-needed projects while keeping taxes affordable are the reasons people have asked me to continue to serve. My major initiatives have been reducing residential densities; increasing developers' proffers; establishing a county proffer manager and rural economy plan; a ground water monitoring program; a supervisors' code of ethics; and land development guidelines."

What would you like voters to know about you?

"I am dedicated to preserving and protecting neighborhood schools, our historic and beautiful landscape and the small-town qualities of life we treasure in Loudoun."

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