James G. Burton (I)*

Age: 62.

Residence: Aldie.

Education: BS, U.S. Air Force Academy, first graduating class; MBA, Auburn University.

Occupation: Retired Air Force colonel.

Elected offices/civic activities: Mercer District supervisor since 1996; ex officio member, Board of Trustees, Loudoun County Library; former president, Aldie Ruritans; former board member, Goose Creek Association; former member, Loudoun Citizens Health Watch.

Family: Married; two children, three grandchildren.

Why should the voters elect you?

"I have a proven public record, both as a citizen activist and as an elected official, of being a slow-growth advocate and a strong fiscal conservative. My record, knowledge and experience as the current Mercer supervisor demonstrate my ability to serve and my commitment to the Mercer District. Since I am retired, I am able to devote all of my time to the very demanding task of serving on the board and dealing with the myriad complex issues facing Loudoun."

What would you like voters to know about you?

"I have dedicated a significant portion of my life for the last decade to Loudoun's issues because I care deeply about the county's future."

Web site: www.jimburton.org

E-mail address: jimburton@erols.com

Mark D. Tate (R)

Age: 34.

Residence: Middleburg.

Education: BS, Randolph-Macon College.

Occupation: Owner, Coach Stop Restaurant.

Elected offices/civic activities: Two-term member, Middleburg Town Council; chairman, Town Council Public Safety Committee; board member, Loudoun Heart Association; board member, United Way.

Family: Single.

Why should the voters elect you?

"This race is about electing a more effective Mercer voice who shows a stronger respect for our land, the taxpayers and our children and families. I have a comprehensive 10-point plan to protect the integrity of our landscape and defend against urban sprawl. My 'smart schools' plan has earned me the formal endorsement of county teachers and educators. I have a six-point taxpayer protection plan for stronger accountability in government and keeping taxes low. I believe that I have the innovative ideas, energy and personal connection to our community that will best serve Mercer citizens."

What would you like voters to know about you?

"I am a lifelong Mercer resident; attended Loudoun schools; and a local business owner. I have a profound respect for Mercer quality of life and realistic ideas to protect it."

Web site: www.respectloudoun.com

E-mail address: marktate@respectloudoun.com

* Incumbent