October 30


Mid-Day Lucky Numbers: 3-6-0

Mid-Day D.C. 4: 5-9-2-6

Lucky Numbers: 7-4-4

D.C. 4: 9-6-4-2

Quick Cash: 7-11-27-30-38-39

Hot Five: 11-12-18-30-33


Day/Pick-3: 8-7-3

Pick-4: 5-3-7-0

Night/Pick-3: 8-8-1

Pick-4: 1-8-4-6

Lotto: N/A

Cash: 9-10-11-12-18-26-29


Day/Pick-3: 5-0-2

Pick-4: 0-9-3-6

Cash-5 (Sat.): 13-26-29-33-34

Night/Pick-3: N/A

Pick-4: N/A

Cash-5 (Fri.): 14-19-23-27-30

Cash-5 (Sat.): N/A

Lotto: N/A

Kicker: N/A


Powerball: N/A

Big Game: 17-20-23-29-33 **20

Cash 4 Life: N/A

Because of late Friday drawings, the Big Game and Virginia Cash 5 lottery numbers did not appear in all Saturday editions. For late lottery results, phone Post-Haste at 202-334-9000, code 7000. All winning numbers are official only when validated at a lottery ticket location or a lottery claims office.

**Money Ball