Ever wonder about what's being built -- or what a developer proposes to build -- on the vacant land around the corner? This feature is intended to provide an easy way for you to learn about planned development throughout Loudoun County.

Using information provided by the county Building and Development Department, Loudoun Extra gives you a monthly update on planned subdivisons, office buildings, shopping centers and other development. The map and chart identify planned projects, by magisterial districts, that were processed by officials in September.

Projects Proposed


1. Rose Hill Manor, southwest corner of Route 15 and Raspberry Drive. A special exception to allow a country inn and/or small business in an agriculture residential (A-3) zoning district.


2. Orbital Sciences Corp. Satellite Earth Station, east side of Atlantic Boulevard at Steeplechase Drive. A special exception to allow installation of a satellite earth station on Lot 6 of the Orbital Sciences property in Steeplechase.

3. Broadlands Outparcels, northeast corner of Broadlands Boulevard and Route 659. Approval to rezone 21.54 acres from countryside residential (CR-1) to planned development office park (PDOP) to allow an office land bay.


4. Fairfield Residential at Silo Creek, south side of Waxpool Road, about 500 feet west of Ashburn Road. Approval to rezone 19.96 acres from countryside residential (CR-1) to town house/multifamily residential (R-16) to build 252 multifamily dwellings for rental uses, including 16 affordable-dwelling units.

Projects Approved


5. Margaret Dole Rust Estate, south side of Route 7 and south end of Children's Center Run. A special exception to allow an educational research facility for the Audubon Society.


6. America Online Inc. Heliport, southwest corner of Prentice Drive and Broderick Drive, a half-mile south of Waxpool Road. A special exception to construct a heliport.

7. Dulles International Park, southeast corner of International Drive and Shaw Road. A special exception to permit 100 percent office as an optional use.

Grading Permits


8. Dulles Town Center, Remington West, southwest of the intersection of City Center Boulevard and Dulles Center Boulevard. Approval for site grading and associated utilities for 406 multifamily units.

9. Loudoun Tech Center, Great America Restaurant, southwest corner of Route 7 and Loudoun Tech Drive. Approval to build three sit-down restaurants with a total of 28,200 square feet.

10. Merritt at Loudoun Tech, buildings 2 and 3, southeast corner of Ridgetop Circle and Horseshoe Drive. Approval to build two one-story office buildings totaling 56,700 square feet.


11. Alpine Ski Shop, southeast corner of Routes 625 and 28. Approval to build a 6,000-square-foot commercial building and related site improvements.

12. Sterling Mower, south of Route 7, east of Route 28 on Church Street. Approval to build a 2,100-square-foot retail service building, a 400-square-foot sales center and a 5,000-square-foot warehouse/storage building.

13. TransDulles Buildings 14A and 14B, south side of intersection of Glenn Drive and Sally Ride Drive. Approval for a 50,400-square-foot office building and a 75,600-square-foot warehouse and associated site work.


14. Dulles Greenway Maintenance Facility, south side of the existing Ramp B in the northwest corner of the Route 607 interchange along the Dulles Greenway. Approval to build a 5,235-square-foot maintenance facility.


15. River Crest, Section 3, west side of River Bank Street, north of the intersection with Algonkian Parkway. Approval to build a 3,690-square-foot swimming pool, a 1,300-square-foot bath house, a play area and a parking lot.