Unite to Promote Parity

We have just elected or reelected a team of individuals who will lead our community into the new millennium. Loudoun voters have chosen nine supervisors, nine School Board members, five constitutional county officers and representation in the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. As we move into the next century, there are a number of pending issues that we all agree need to be addressed. Everyone is a smart growth advocate these days. Quality of life, compact design and sustainment are all phrases we often hear or read about in the local papers.

We all want to hold the line on taxes, control growth, solve transportation problems and support our public schools. More than ever before, we need our elected officials to work cooperatively, especially our supervisors and School Board members, who must make joint decisions that impact all of us.

In the midst of all this smart talk, there is another issue that requires our immediate attention. We need a guarantee that our emerging population of less fortunate county residents does not go hungry, improperly housed or without a proper education. It is necessary that our elected officials do make certain that programs are funded and in place to support this situation in an effort to minimize the potential for emotional pain and suffering.

This kind of support requires an affluent community such as ours to utilize the more composed motivational forces of love, joy, tolerance and understanding. A unified force that includes people working with people to grow, teach and assist one another. A force that includes parents teaching their children to respect those who live at different social and economic levels.

Are we worth the investment in ourselves? Yes we are! Is it worth the investment in each other? Yes it is! We are all a family. When we protect somebody else, we protect ourselves. When we assist somebody else's children, we assist our own children. We are all interconnected.

If our elected officials can practice, and we can support, this approach, we will continue to assure that there is parity in the appropriation of local resources for schools and community programs throughout the county. Loudoun is a superb place to live. We need to increase our communication and our awareness, and work together to maintain Loudoun County as an enlightened community and a jewel in the crown of this great state of Virginia.


Sterling Park


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