This morning, Loudoun Valley High School will celebrate Veterans Day with remembrances of that important time in our country's history.

The armistice ending World War I was signed at 11 a.m. Nov. 11, 1918. This year that historic moment will be marked when the Loudoun Bell rings 11 times in the halls of the Purcellville school at precisely 11 a.m.

Henry Compton, a veteran of World War I, will be present at the bell-ringing ceremony. He also will attend one of the high school's history classes.

The Loudoun Bell is significant because it was cast in memory of Loudoun County soldiers who died during World War I. The name and rank of each soldier are inscribed on the bell.

Some of the names are still familiar; some, echoes of the past. One of the names, Valentine Johnson, is that of a black soldier who died during the war.

The names of the soldiers are:

Beatty, Bell, Clyburn, Curtin, Darnes, Dawson, Fleming, Fuller, Gilbert, Gray, Green, Hardy, Haxall, Hough, Humphrey, Johnson, Linwood, Martz, McGolerick, McGuinn, Milstead, Nalle, Nichols, Payne, Riticor, Shumaker, Smallwood, Smith and Thornton.

The Loudoun Bell will be on display at Loudoun Valley High until the end of the week. St. Peter's Episcopal Church, in Purcellville, owns the bell and is sponsoring the remembrance of our county's soldiers who gave their lives during World War I.