Few could have expected to see Brentsville senior Callie Cribley spraying sparkling apple cider on her teammates at yesterday's Virginia state cross-country championships. Despite an injury-plagued season, however, the Tigers won their fifth consecutive Virginia A girls team title at Great Meadows in The Plains. Cribley anchored the team with a second-place finish in 20:17.50, pacing Brentsville to a 59-point victory over Galax High School, 56 to 115.

"It was a little bit of a surprise for us," said Brentsville Coach Rob Dulin, whose top seven runners each suffered a significant injury during the season. "I didn't think anyone would expect us to win that convincingly."

The Hylton girls team also did well, placing fourth in the Virginia AAA girls race. The Bulldogs were led by junior Richelle Plotz, who was the top local finisher in the girls race at 19:25.90, good for 12th among AAA competitors.

"The girls are happy, but they are still hungry, and that is a good way to end the season," Hylton Coach Chris McGivern said.

Potomac senior Jason Lewis was the top local finisher in the AAA boys race, crossing the line 10th in 16:10.20. Stafford was the top boys team, taking sixth place with 199 points.

The Brentsville boys team could not defend its Virginia A state title, placing third overall with 107 points. Tigers junior John Hinkle placed fourth overall at 17:04.70. Senior David Aleman, last year's Virginia A champion, did not run yesterday because of a strained medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

The Tigers' girls cross-country team, however, continued its championship run despite injuries to Cribley (left calf strain) and junior Heather Waters (hip injury). Waters's injury caused her to miss the Bull Run District championships; yesterday, she finished 15th in 21:21.60.

"We just hung in there and kept our heads up and we never doubted ourselves," Cribley said. "We might not be the most talented team, but we have worked much harder than anybody else in the state."

Said Waters: "We always try to think of ourselves as the underdogs. This past week has been a wonderful week of training."

All that was left after yesterday's race was to celebrate. The Brentsville boys team gave the girls team two bottles of sparkling apple cider to celebrate with, the significance of which was not lost on Cribley.

"The guys team gave [the bottles] to us because they were prepared for both of us" to win, Cribley said. "They gave us both bottles to celebrate, which is much appreciated by the girls."

Note: Potomac's Jamaal Saunders did not run because of a strained right hamstring that he suffered during practice this week.

AAA Boys


6, Stafford, 199; 9, Woodbridge, 222.


10, Jason Lewis, Potomac, 16:10.20; 24, Scott Lingo, North Stafford, 16:35.80; 29, Shane Grizzle, Stafford, 16:42.50; 31, Mike Lyng, Woodbridge, 16:44.30; 45, Justin Beck, Stafford, 16:56.10; 47, Derek Grotheer, Woodbridge, 16:56.70; 50, Casey Frazier, Woodbridge, 16:59.90; 52, Peter Whitford, Stafford, 17:01.90; 56, Erik Uribe, Potomac, 17:10.00; 71, Nick Wilson, Hylton, 17:18.70.

AAA Girls


4, Hylton, 138; 11, Brooke Point, 272; 12, Osbourn Park, 288.


12, Richelle Plotz, Hylton, 19:25.90; 13, Dionne Evans, Gar-Field, 19:29.50; 24, Kristyn Shiring, North Stafford, 19:48.40; 33, Moriah O'Brien, Osbourn Park, 20:05.10; 34, Colleen Connell, Brooke Point, 20:06.30; 37, Zorina Hess, Hylton, 20:11.0; 42, Jemissa Hess, Hylton, 20:19; 43, Ashley Dameron, Stafford, 20:19.90; 49, Katie Golden, Hylton, 20:29.30; 50, Johanna Allen, Potomac, 20:30.90.

A Boys


4, John Hinkle, Brentsville, 17:04.70; 26, Connor Eggleston, Brentsville, 17:56.80; 33, Ben Bear, Brentsville, 18:03.20; 37, Matt Truschel, Brentsville, 18:08.60; 42, Jimmy Ruiz, Brentsville, 18:16.50.

A Girls


2, Callie Cribley, Brentsville, 20:17.50; 15, Heather Waters, Brentsville, 21:21.60; 22, Lindsay Held, Brentsville, 21:59.90; 27, Kathleen Sullivan, Brentsville, 22:12.00; 34, Michelle Iverson, Brentsville, 22:32.70.