Robert Kramer

Film Director

Robert Kramer, 60, an American movie director who devoted his career to capturing dissident movements from Vietnam War protesters to Latin American guerrillas, died of meningitis Nov. 10 at a hospital in Rouen, France. He had lived in France since 1980.

With varying success, he made more than two dozen films and numerous smaller documentaries and television pieces. Two of his best known works, "Doc's Kingdom" (1987) and "Route One USA" (1989), were reflections on the exile that he became.

Although his work was generally acclaimed in Europe as a major example of political cinema, with some movies shown at film festivals in France, including Cannes, he never penetrated the American movie industry's mainstream.

Robert Bennett Cairns


Robert Bennett Cairns, 66, a University of North Carolina psychology professor who was an authority in the field of human development, died Nov. 10 in a car accident in Bangor, Maine.

Dr. Cairns's most prominent project was the Carolina Longitudinal Study, which began tracking the social development and academic achievement of 695 youths in 1981 and has continued to follow them as young adults and parents.

Findings from the intergenerational study, which included data on aggressive behavior, have appeared in professional journals and led to his 1996 book, "Lifelines and Risks." He wrote or co-wrote five other books and helped found UNC's Center for Developmental Sciences.