This is a reading comprehension exercise for children. It is written by Susan Fineman, a reading specialist in the New Haven, Conn., school district.

A college student's oil painting of a mottled duck with outstretched wings won the richest prize in wildlife art: the federal duck-stamp contest.

The design painted by Adam Grimm, 21, of Elyria, Ohio, will become next year's federal duck stamp, which every hunter is required to buy in addition to a state license.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Grimm is its youngest winner on record.

The government does not pay the contest winners. However, winning has been lucrative because the recognition gives the artist instant fame and the ability to sell limited-edition prints. Some have made as much as $1 million from royalties on the prints.

The $15 stamps also are prized by collectors. The Fish and Wildlife Service has posted on its Internet site the prices charged by dealers as of last year. For single stamps, prices ranged from $12 to $575.

The stamp painted by Grimm, a student at Columbus College of Art and Design, will go on sale July 1.

There were 243 entries in this year's contest. Terry Doughty, of Brookfield, Wis., placed second, with an acrylic painting of a black scoter. Paco Young, of Bozeman, Mont., placed third, with an acrylic of a mottled duck.


1. mottled

2. license

3. outstretched

4. lucrative

5. wildlife

6. royalties

7. ranged

8. posted

9. required

10. instant

a. immediate

b. shares of money earned

c. varied

d. ordered; obliged

e. animals in their natural surroundings

f. profitable

g. extended

h. paper showing legal permission to do something

i. spotted

j. listed; displayed

ANSWER KEY: 1. i, 2. h, 3. g, 4. f, 5. e, 6. b, 7. c, 8. j, 9. d, 10. a