A Northern Virginia Community College police officer who was assigned to collect coins from parking meters on the school's Woodbridge campus has been indicted on charges of grand larceny for allegedly stealing $21,000 in quarters.

Terry K. Lund, 55, of Nokesville, was directly indicted by a grand jury this month after Virginia State Police investigators reviewed 17 months of parking meter revenue records from Nova's Woodbridge campus. Lund turned himself in shortly after the Nov. 1 indictment. State police released information about the arrest this week.

Lund, who regularly collected and accounted for meter revenue, was first suspected in February, when two of his co-workers went to Nova administrators to complain about irregularities in parking meter revenue on the Woodbridge campus. The co-workers noticed that revenue from the campus's 96 meters had been declining for no apparent reason.

"We personally didn't notice any irregularities until it was brought to our attention," said Sue Davis, a Nova spokeswoman. "It looked like revenues were off, and since our enrollment was stable or had been growing, it didn't make any sense."

Davis said that an initial internal review in February prompted school officials to contact the state police regarding an investigation and that Lund was then placed on paid administrative leave. Lund was placed on unpaid leave in April and was fired in June for "misappropriation of resources and not following written procedures as related to the duties of collecting the parking monies," Davis said.

Lund could not be reached for comment.

Nova officials said that Lund had been an exemplary employee since he was hired as a security guard at the Manassas campus in 1991 and that he had been promoted, finishing as a fully deputized member of the school's police force, serving the Woodbridge campus. Nova officers have full law enforcement power and are fully trained police officers.

State police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell said Lund had been pilfering coins during 17 months of collections on the Woodbridge campus, skimming more than 84,000 quarters over that time. Davis said that revenue looked to be down over that period but that the irregularities were not glaring.

Caldwell said an officer who worked with Lund raised concerns "about the handling of the money," and that touched off the investigation. She said state police often become involved in internal police investigations to provide an outside, independent evaluation.

Lund, who has been released on bond, is scheduled to stand trial in late January.