Fight Won, Battle Remains

Voters to Stop Sprawl gives thanks to its hundreds of volunteers and contributors who helped the citizens take back Loudoun. These folks got out the message that Loudoun belongs to us citizens, not to those who seek to make a profit at our expense. And we thank the thousands of citizens who had enough faith in their neighbors to discard party labels and vote against sprawl.

There is a new year coming, a new millennium, a new beginning for Loudoun County. In this new beginning, Loudoun County will be governed by citizen activists who have worked without any compensation or recognition, except the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped build a better Loudoun. The new Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, honed on adversity, must not be deterred from its goal to bring intelligent growth to Loudoun County.

Chairman-elect Scott York, recognizing the voters' mandates, established a Smart Growth Transition Team, which has been diligently collecting information and ideas. Meanwhile, the pro-development camp is working to undermine the mandate. They have already started reciting their "bad for business" and "won't work" mantras, which will build to a crescendo in time for the General Assembly's convening in Richmond. In Richmond, the delegates and senators will be pressured by pro-development lobbyists to squash the "revolution" in Loudoun.

Voters to Stop Sprawl will work here and in Richmond to thwart any attempt by Richmond to further limit local control. Smart growth is good for business and good for people and it can work in Loudoun County. Richmond must let Loudoun be Loudoun.

The problem created by the past boards will not go away on Jan. 1, 2000. Difficult decisions, unpopular decisions, have to be made in the next four years. The new board needs our continued support to press on despite adversity. We cannot return to the failed policies of the past.



Voters to Stop Sprawl

Round Hill

Thanks for the Vote, Help

My heartfelt thanks to the voters of Dulles District for electing me as their supervisor. I appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in me and the honor and privilege you have given me to represent and serve you over the next four years.

I also want to express my gratitude to all the volunteers and contributors whose tireless help and generous support were crucial to the success of our campaign. In saying that, I also wish to thank the spouses and families of volunteers who supported our cause by making sacrifices of time together and working at various events. These contributions were equally important to the success of our overall effort.