A Waldorf man, apparently angered during a traffic altercation, attempted to run a family of five off the highway last week and rammed their car with his vehicle, the Charles County sheriff's office said.

David Scott Eschbacher, 31, was arrested Nov. 22 in the Festival Shopping Center parking lot in Waldorf and charged with driving under the influence and 10 counts of first- and second-degree assault. Police said he pursued the family's vehicle southbound on Route 301 and into the shopping center, repeatedly trying to force them off the road.

Charles County sheriff's officer Jeffrey Puffenbarger said that the altercation began when Eschbacher pulled onto Route 301 from Holly Tree Road, almost hitting the family's vehicle.

"They had to swerve to avoid him," Puffenbarger said. "The rest of the way Mr. Eschbacher tried to run the victims off the road . . . at the shopping center, he tried to ram the vehicle from behind."

When Puffenbarger arrived on the scene--summoned by a witness driving behind the two cars who relayed events to the police dispatcher from a car phone--Eschbacher allegedly was trying to pull the driver of the family's car out of the vehicle.

Puffenbarger said that Eschbacher's blood alcohol level was 2.0, more than twice the legal limit.

No one was injured in the incident, police said.