A D.C. police captain was reassigned yesterday after he failed to give telecommunications employees access to a new computer system that records information and alerts officers about stolen cars and missing people, a top police official said.

Capt. Joel Maupin, a member of the police department for more than 15 years, will no longer be the commanding supervisor of the communications department, which includes 911 operations, Executive Assistant Chief Terrance W. Gainer said last night. He said Chief Charles H. Ramsey decided that Maupin will continue to work in communications and keep his rank, but the department's interim supervisor will be Cmdr. Gene Marlin.

"Every officer needs to have all the information we can provide," Gainer said. "Chief Ramsey felt that the current commanding officer failed to take the appropriate action to ensure that all systems were up and operating."

From Monday to 6 p.m. yesterday, employees did not have passwords to an upgraded computer system and couldn't enter reports of stolen cars and missing people, Gainer said. At least 30 cars were reported stolen, and 18 people, including an elderly man with Alzheimer's disease, were reported missing during that period, he said.

It was unclear why Maupin didn't give out passwords to the upgraded system, Gainer said.

He said employees worked yesterday to enter the information into the new computer system.