A recount of votes for the Board of Supervisor's Broad Run District seat will be held Dec. 13, Loudoun County Circuit Court Chief Judge James H. Chamblin said Friday.

The recount was requested shortly after the Nov. 2 elections by Republican Bruce E. Tulloch, who lost to Democrat Charles A. Harris by nine votes, according to official returns.

During a brief hearing Friday in Loudoun County Circuit Court, Chamblin said that election officials would use at least two voting machines to tally the paper ballots in the courtroom. Election officials estimated the recount would take three to five hours.

Tulloch said he is eager to have the recount completed. "We got our recount, and that's a good thing," Tulloch said. The vote "is what it is when it's done."

Initially, Loudoun election officials said Harris had won by 17 votes. After checking the numbers, they determined that the difference was nine votes, with Harris receiving 1,987 votes to Tulloch's 1,978. Independent Timothy F. Powers came in third, with 868 votes.

When the recount is conducted, only votes cast for Harris and Tulloch will be tallied, election officials said. Officials will have to consider all absentee ballots because they are not separated by precinct.

Harris's attorney, John H. Young, said he's confident that the certification conducted by election officials was accurate.

"The recount will go smoothly, and at the end of the day the voters of Loudoun County will have Mr. Harris as their supervisor," Young said. "In most recounts, particularly with modern machines, there are no changes in the votes."

When a petition for a recount is filed in a local race, state law requires the chief justice of the Virginia Supreme Court to appoint two judges to consider the case along with the chief judge of the local jurisdiction.

Chamblin said William L. Winston, a retired Arlington Circuit Court judge, and William G. Plummer, a retired Fairfax County Circuit Court judge, will join him on the panel.

The ballots are being held by the clerk of the Circuit Court, election officials said.

The newly elected Board of Supervisors will take office in January. The board's first regular business meeting is scheduled for Jan. 5.