Vince Love's name has changed, but his game needs no introduction.

Brooke Point's high-flying, 6-foot-4 forward, formerly known as Vince Hunt, averaged 14.9 points a game last season for the Black-Hawks. Last month, on his 18th birthday, the high school senior took his stepfather's surname.

"It's something I've wanted to do for a long time," said Love, whose mother married his stepfather when he was 6.

Brooke Point Coach Joe Kania is looking for some changes from Love on the court as well.

"Vince has been blessed with as much athletic ability as anyone I've coached," Kania said. "But we need him to improve in some of the mental aspects of the game and we need his leadership."

Kania added, "He's shown traces of what he could be, but we need that consistently."

The message has been received by the soft-spoken Love.

"Last year, if we got kind of down, I let the seniors take over," he said. "Now I'm in the driver's seat, and I can help out younger kids."

Love also has worked on expanding his shooting range because he knows he'll need to shoot from 15 feet and beyond if he wants to play in college.

"If he works on these things, he can definitely play on the next level," Kania said.

In addition to working on his range during the offseason, Love polished his close-in game. He finished second in dunk contests at Hoop-It-Up in Woodbridge and at a camp in Richmond.

Love still remembers his most memorable dunk in a game.

"In the district finals against North Stafford," said Love, remembering a game in his sophomore season, "I dunked with about five seconds left before halftime and it switched the momentum and we went on to win the game."

And Kania isn't about to rein in his most athletic player.

"I do give the green light to dunk," Kania said.